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What a thing to find!

expensive trinket lost in the hay

by the farmers daughter

shenanigans afoot

from last nights barn dance ?



4th June 2019

Some say its blue,

Some say its green

Whilst some say it’s some place in between

Colour that appears

on a sunny, sandy beach

Where it laps on the sand so you know it’s in reach

And held in a stone – you’ll find it in rings

Strange are the reaction from recipient it brings

circled by diamonds – the prettiest of things

Its supposed to symbolise courage

this bright coloured birthstone for march

hiding in mines down below – the ones with a very big arch.



Maybe it’s the sheer front of this aviator

As he swoops around in the air

Grabbing any shiny thing that catches his eye

Pretty trinkets, held aloft and captured up high

In a hiding place, where only those higher can see it

Evaporated into thin air ? No, your jewellery is up in his nest

Acrostic Collecting



One of a kind ? Definitely!

round here, you won’t see another one

its possible you could copy it … but this jewel has

got something about it …

its definition

never seen elsewhere

around the

lakes, mountains and caves of the area



Salford 25th July 2017

A tale of Amber, the natural substance that comes from a tree, and is used in jewellery


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Coming from a tree
sap, slow, and sticky
it likes to collect things
as it goes

Capturing the residents
that live off the bark
holding them all – freeze frame
jewel-like in form

treasure hunters spot
nature’s bounty trapped
waiting for the jewellers
magic touch

Suspended in time
once chased by the birds
now pursued by the birds
missing wings and feathers

Art Arts Nature Poetry


Salford, 30th May

Found this poem in one of my old scribble books – and thought i’d share it here.


The sap from the bark

caught the sleeping tree spider

in a sticky moment


Signs from the wood told

all the insects – do not come here

caution thrown to winds


And as time ran out

the lone spider was transformed

into a wonder


Trapped in its own time

encased in an Amber tomb

surrounded by Gold