#socs #collect

items around a room – connect

common nik naks from different spaces

different things the people collect

treated with the upmost respect

on shelves the nik nak presence graces

as others pass and then inspect

and on the shelf – the humble object

with others are cleaned in their places

should elders eyes turn at them and reject

The terrace at No3

#Octpowrimo #Cobbledstreets #England #Northern #Salford #Lancashire

A piece of poetry by inky, based on the terraced house on Lark Hill Place. A restored Victorian Street in Salford’s Museum and art gallery.

Old building by cobbles,
Oak table , and chairs
Copper kettle boiling on the stove
near to the stairs

Fruit from the Grocers,
cutup and cored,
is ready for the pie bowl
in the oven its stored

Washboard, and Dolly Tub
in Backyard unhooked
ready for washing
that’s been overlooked

And when its been cleaned
and gleaming with pride
they’ll dry on a line
on pegs hanging outside

Cut up apples in a bowl

Sweep by the cobbles

some work is his goal

so he watches the chimney

as the food cooks on coals

And today, family living here
is having them a guest,
so they’ve laid out the cutlery
and porcelain that is best.

Victorian table, set for dinner with Plates for Soup, mains and pudding.

No Place like home

Salford (Via Crete, Zakynthos, and Kos), July 21st 2018

Have Albus backpack will travel….

When i’m travelling, what things do i take for a piece of home

(1) My camera kit

It’s my hobby, and there’s no better time to capture some cracking scenery with my Nikon DSLR.

(2) Diary, Notepad and Writing stuff

When im out taking snaps, it pays to record where i’ve been.  I normally keep a travel log of the events whilst im away, and this usually finds its way on to here,

(3) Boiled Sweets / Jelly Babies

I Buy these at the Airport, and they usually last all week.

(4) Paperback / Kindle / Phrasebook

Reading Material for when the beach is out of bounds, the phrasebook helps me with the street signs and if i need any local questions. The kindle also acts as my music box and has a couple of video games on it

New Religion


The atmosphere is electric

some gathered there would say evangelic

as the lights flicker around the evening sky

like acolytes the security guards wait

for the signal to lower the velvet barriers

countdown progresses

as a one hit wonder presses a golden button

with that actress you know off the daily soap opera

and then the worship begins

as the bells ring out

and the dinero fills the tills

as the worshippers take their communion home

in the form of homeware, electricals or fashion


Organised chaos


regular viewers : this is not for viewers of a nervous disposition)

Salford, 4th November 2016

I have a storage cupboard for all my computing and photography gear.

Given we’ve just had Halloween – its pretty darn frightening.

Brace yourself……here’s the top draw



Thing is its mostly my computing gear – cables for cameras, Old Cameras that have gone past their best – and electronic projects pushed out by the newer stuff.

Yes – to the untrained eye – its chaos. But I can always lay my hand on an item in this draw if I need it.

My other shelves ? Perfect! sorted in a manner the British Library could be proud of.


I’d call that draw my mausoleum to the unused.

but I know that one day – i’ll go in there to use an item

Home Turf

Home Turf

Well this is my back yard, My Back Gate…. (Dire Straits – My Parties, 1991)

Five things that make my house , my home.

(1) The Soapstone Elephants and a patch of Green


Purchased on various holidays in the med

Located in the living room that over looks the garden – our little patch of green.

  1. Home Turf Well first off, when you’ve driven round to the front of the house – there’s the welcoming committee – “Sons of Fred” – namely three spruce trees that line the garden fence and the path leading up to the door of the house – and the various flower pots around it.

(2) The Big Red Sofa

Located in the living room, a lovely place to relax, and has a lovely view of the front garden

(3) The Front door Sign

Particularly proud of this one – Why? Because I made it.

Created from some wood and some door numbers and a spare lion shaped door knocker, the other two are actually on the doors 🙂

(4) The Menagerie of objects


Mum has her owls, Dad has his Alabaster Cats – and me ? I’ve got my turtles from my journeys abroad (one Greek, the other Turkish). and these animals ? they’re all around the house (Dad’s puddy tats are in their own special spot – to keep them safe from wondering hands 🙂 ) The two turtles have been joined by two others recently – they’ve come from the Sea – Life Centre across the bridge in Old Trafford and were purchased when we took the nephews visiting there.

(5) My little hideaway

The place where I create this Blog 🙂 – and also the place where I do my listening, painting reading and writing – I also process the pictures I take with my digital camera