Tag: Injury

  • Trip

    #Socs #Trip I He’s escaping life for fourteen days packing his pannier for sun and sand short cut shirts , shorts, and sporting trainers sun protection a must – as well as the wide brimmed hat something formal for the evening meal II Speeding across the sand at speed like Hasselhoff in his beach shorts […]

  • Hazard


    #fowc #winter #hazard Holes in the pavement and black ice – dont really make good conditions for zipping about on a winters morning as one or the other will see you flat on your back or rolling about on the floor – worse still – the drop might see you in a hospital bed

  • Progress

    Salford 21st February 2020 A tale of ‘recovery’ from brain injury by inky #Fowc #Progress I Waking up Washing face Without falling or dropping stuff or Walking out of place Progress II Remembering a face from a Reel of names without Reaction causing Regurgitation Progress III Collecting your Cocoa from Carol at Costa without Causing […]

  • A-Maze-Ing


    This weeks session @ BASICs Memory Workshop focused on Attention and Concentration As part of the session, we were given two maze puzzles to do.  Now, the aim wasn’t to complete the puzzles – more to concentrate on doing them and maintaining the focus of going round the mazes. As we did the mazes, we […]