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  • Octpowrimo – Day 22 – Broken pieces

    Octpowrimo – Day 22 – Broken pieces

    #Octpowrimo #Brokenpieces Imperial War Museum North, Manchester UK (via the Inkwell), 22nd October 2019 How does someone express the act of war ? take you through a hundred years and tell that tale – that no one else can tell anymore. The man with a vision took a thing for brewing his cuppa and changed […]

  • Inky takes to the water

    Inky takes to the water

    Venue : HMS Belfast, London Date : 20th February 2018 Early morning for me yesterday, as i took up the chance to visit another branch of the Imperial War Museum. As a Member of the Volunteer Team at IWM North, I’d been to Duxford, and Headquarters in London…but yesterday gave me the opportunity to visit […]

  • Show n Tell

    Educate Salford, 4th September I’m sat down having Just got home from the Imperial war museum, in Manchester, where i’ve been helping out in the galleries, helping people around. In this role , i’m occasionally stood by the information station, where various objects to do with the first and second world war are on display […]

  • Visiting Duxford

    Visiting Duxford

    Monday 5th June 2017 Venue : Imperial War Museum Duxford, Cambridge An early morning start at IWM North on Monday, as we met up with fellow volunteers and staff from the other branches at IWM Duxford for Volunteers week. We travelled south through the Midlands on our journey, stopping off on some familiar services on […]

  • Flight


    Hoped to see something special – and I wasn’t disappointed

  • New Day of Vollying

    New Day of Vollying

    Monday Afternoon saw me returning back over the Bridge to the Home of the Imperial War Museum in the North, on the Trafford side of the Manchester Ship Canal Today has seen me on the Information point Handling trolley, where visitors from all around the country have been able to look at objects and pick them […]

  • On the exhibit floor

    On the exhibit floor

    Salford, 4th May This afternoon I’ve been helping out at the Imperial War museum North, after discussing the next project with BASICs photography group. The plan is to produce another exhibition in the centre from our work over their year. I covered the main gallery today with two fellow volunteers.  The information station was set […]

  • Alphabet


    Alphabet A response to the Daily post Challenge – “Alphabet” (Photo taken by the Author, Camera used Samsung WB-250) Salford, 15th January 2016. The picture you see is a Mural , created by the artist Walter Kershaw.  It’s not the original, The original was taken down and replaced by the Trafford Park Development Corporation when […]

  • A Walk through Time

    A Walk through Time

    I’ve been a volunteer at the Northern Branch of the Imperial War Museum in Trafford, Manchester since 2005.  I help out in two areas, in the Main Exhibition Space, and on the Ground Floor in a computer area called “Your History” There is a timeline which directs visitors around the museum’s Main Exhibition Space.  It […]

  • Harrier


    Harrier Hello chaps! all you down there Tis I, the mechanical bird in th’air protecting you all at night and day keeping enemy forces at bay Armed only with the best weaponry – I carry tactical rockets you see! But my best qualities are in th’movement in air passing over forests and mountains wi’ flair […]