Feeding the Heffalumps

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Feeding the Heffalumps at the Virtual Zoo!

Another Photographic from the archive – without the need for a soaking at any of the Zoo’s in the Northwest of England!

Amazing what you can do with a magazine and some toy figures….

Created by Inky at the Portacabin.  Home of the BASIC Clicks photography group.

Camera : Sony DSC – H300

Additional Model (sic) – provided by playmobil.

Riding around in Outer Space

Riding around in Outer Space

BASIC, Photography, Transport

Location : Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford

friday 30th June 2017


Out there in outer space….

Me and my chums in the photography group at BASIC played around with some special effects today.

Using images from magazines and some toy cars and lego men, We created something rather special…courtesy of our cameras (including my trusty Sony DSC) and a Tripod.


Into the Atmosphere!

Now, creating the Images didn’t involve any space travel…just the right background and a close up zoom lens…as well as an anchor for the toy cars and figures we used in the shots.


“The Italian Job”


Taking Flight


Looking Up (A starfish falls)


Feeding the Heffalumps


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In response to the prompt


Interesting thing is the English language.

How words can mean different things in different ways

Grab the nearest book. Open it and go to the tenth word. Do a Google Image Search of the word. Write about what the image brings to mind

That was the challenge , so I picked up the nearest book – A book of science written by the Television Historian and Scientist – Adam Hart-Davis

The tenth word in his book – BROWNIE

(some English Female readers will now turn their minds to memories of schooldays and Girl Guides – Founded by Olave Baden Powell.  The Brownies being their junior section, much like the Cubs are to the Scouts)

Mr Hart-Davis was of course referring to one of his first cameras, as the book contains a number of photographs to answer scientific questions – such as the title question – “why does a ball bounce ?”

Its got some brilliant photos in it and answers 101 questions of science in a fun way using some colourful photography.

However, upon putting the term in on Google Images – The first major picture was of more of a culinary, chocolatey kind.  Nice with a cup of tea (or Cocoa). Now If there would have been a picture of a Brownie Guide cooking Brownies (the cakes) at camp – that would have been perfect!  Alas – I’m not in charge at Google so the two images will have to remain separate

Composing a Photo


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready, Set, Done.”

Ten Minutes to create the perfect image ?

There’s a couple of schools of thought on that one

The first – is the instamatic brigade – the point and shooters, take the shot there and then

– no messing with messy things like composition.

Click – Flash – Bang – and the photos taken

(and if you have a Polaroid camera – the print is pretty instant too)

The second – is the purist brigade – scenes have to be poised, framed and timed

The subject matter has to be just so – and the lighting positioned just right

Colours work wonderfully when they’re perfectly staged

but perfection takes time…if you sneeze (or your subject moves)..

That’s it – the frame of film’s been exposed to light – its gone

That’s probably why I like the digital age so much

You see I grew up with film – the point and click – and the 35mm crowd

afternoons stood outside Boots waiting for the pics to be developed

and the joy (or disappointment) of seeing those results

with Digital – i’m the processor! –

made a slip ?  If i’m in the right mode – I can get that back

(so long as I press the right button)

So it might matter for a moment

Auntie Maud has the dog in her face that second

he’ll be gone in the turn of a dial..