Challenge 30 – No6

“A Snails eye view’ #photography #closeup #abstract “You are a noisy mollusc….” Dougal the Dog to Brian the Snail – Magic Roundabout This was a toughie when working on #challenge30, I mean – how do you get a snails eye view ? You would have to be a snail wouldn’t you? I let my imaginary snail loose around the house –Continue reading “Challenge 30 – No6”

Gremlins in the Machine

Gremlins Salford, 23rd November 2017 Gremlin n. a cause of unexplained malfunction ever get one of those days when nothing goes right ? Thursday evening – and i’m going through the snaps i took with the D3100 the other day. Now take a look, this is how my dear computer judges what my camera thinksContinue reading “Gremlins in the Machine”

Through a Lens

This weeks photography class at BASIC in Salford, involved taking photographs through an object.  The scenes were placed behind a Glass Ball and the pictures were shot through the ball.   The images obscured depending on the angle of the shots taken.  The Miniature image captured through the sphere a copy of the picture behind it.Continue reading “Through a Lens”