Careful Now


Got to admit, that first layer of frost on the ground

In-stills me with an air of trepidation

Not exactly fear, but as you make your way from here to there

Going across the icy surfaces

Expect a slip or slide or two – especially by the

Roadside pavements where Jack frost refuses to budge

Little steps carefully taken are what’s required here, or

You’ll slip up on that iced up path

Banana Split



Served up in a glass bowl

Wonderful fruit combines with frosty ice cream

Everyone smiling as the bananas are

Enveloped by the Ice cold tastes of strawberry and chocolate and cream

Together – as they melt and mingle – they make a heavenly delight

Photo Challenge : Graceful



Gliding across the ice like a top ballerina

rotating circles into blue ice with her blade

audiences applaud this brilliant ice dancer as she

circles around creating patterns on the ground

everyone appreciating each light move –

floating in the air as she spins

until the time comes for her to

land delicately on the ice…to receive her flowers



Details – a photo challenge



Here is a flower, caught in a block of melting ice.

It was originally yellow , its colour faded as there was nowhere to transport any nutrients to.  To some, this may be a sad scene but to others they say – Look again.

The detail of the Flower – captured, in a moment of time

The cold, frosty ice – holding the flower in that moment, whilst the air bubbles around it seem to bring it back to life, as it enhances every of the flowers petals, and every one of its individual ridges.  Its true – the ice will melt – indeed, look closely it is melting.  But whilst it maintains most of its solidity it shows the flowers contures, and lines – in fact, the very character of the flower.


Another flower, in a block of ice

This flower seems to have had better luck than the first – in that it has maintained its colour.  The oxygen bubbles once more seem to have danced around the flowerhead and each of the flowers petals have been highlighted in the ice.

The details highlighted the flowers formation


Backlit flowers, on a background of fabrics

These flowers were brought to life, not by ice – but by the power of light.

Individual tulips were set out on a fabric base and lit from behind using a torch for the light source.  I liked the way each of the flowers own individual details were brought to life by the light coming through the shimmery fabric.


Queen Mother Rose, taken outside in BASICs Enchanted Garden

One of my favourite outdoor pics – I liked the individual petal formation and the lovely colours of this rose.

Frozen Flowers

Salford, 25th May 2016

Location : Brain and Spinal Injury Centre – Salford

Frozen in time, a Flower head in ice ((c) Brian F Kirkham, May 2016)

In today’s photography workshop, we’ve been working with flower heads, captured in trays of Ice.  We photographed the Ice over time , with close up shots and as the ice changed, the subject matter changed too.

Set of six – (c) Brian F Kirkham, May 2016

The green coloured cloth was set out to keep the table dry – but it added some interesting textures to the photograph.

The Ice allowed us to do some really good close up work, and as it melted – we achieved some really good effects with our cameras.

Frozen Flower (c) Brian F Kirkham, May 2016

Getting close up to the subject matter in the ice captured the bubbles in the ice as well as the details in the flowers.  I enjoyed taking the above pic because of the colours in the flower, the detail of the flower and the bubbles in the ice.

Frozen Leaf – (c) Brian F Kirkham, May 2016
Iced (Bubbles) – Brian F Kirkham May 2016