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I’m a martyr to my aches and pains

I Really Despise that phrase with a passion.

There’s a reason for this.  Firstly, when I was born (a month early – apparently), I didn’t ask for the conditions that were thrown at me.

I’m split – in some ways – in the fact that without the installation of the Shunt Valve in my head – to treat Hydrocephalus –  I’d either be dead, or be unable to walk and function properly.  I’ve learned to live with the occasional involuntary throwing up, the balance problems, the toilet thing and the difficulties with my co-ordination…and…what’s that other thing again?  Memory!! (Ha Ha!)

However, its a pain in the backside on a regular basis.

Add in the Cerebral Palsy (YES, I walk a bit funny) and there are days I Really feel like staying in bed….the Juvenile Arthritis (Nothing Juvenile about it) was a nice touch delivered from the orthopaedic clinic

Anky…losing …Spondy….litis ….. the rheumatic disease thats doing its best to fuse my back together….whoopee.

If I do moan however – its because i’m in REAL pain, and on those days – i’ll stay in bed to recouperate

How do I keep going…..?   Keeping occupied 😁

The Government of my country felt the need to Park me recently from doing any Paid work, (mainly down to the Memory thing).  But that hasn’t stopped me from ‘working’.  A Number of organisations (Sporting and Museum – based) would be screaming blue murder if I were ever to say I were unavailable….

Now though – its as if they think i’m putting this on….

Someone in Governance in the UK said “Everyone should be working” – It must have impressed the head honcho – it got them a seat with a title in the Upper House of Parliament.

I don’t think their agents read the script – no body at the job centre actually read my skillset / need assessment from disability services.  If they want me to work – brilliant, I’ll start tomorrow…just as long as I get some support in what i’m doing.

(Cue the theme to Mission impossible)

But for now, I’ll just get on with my photography, my blogging, helping out at the sports arena and war museum and (if they want me) events in the area

Anyone without a disability/condition want to call themselves a martyr?  Feel free to contact me, there’s thousands more worse off than me – and they’re getting attacked too – by individuals who really should know better.

I’m just getting on with the day on an hourly basis – i’m no martyr – don’t call me one.

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Salford 26th October, 2016

Reeto, folks…I’ve got a confession to make.

people say to me , you’re clumsy….

When I was younger – I used to take this to heart, i’d fall over, trip up, drop stuff and have to replace it – and worst of all – i’d bump into people and things – a lot.

However – when you’ve got a shunt in your head that’s keeping you going – to treat Hydrocephalus – you tend to accept the stuff you’ve been landed with.  A recent revisit to the neuro ward at Hope Hospital in Salford (Manchester, UK) brought this into sharp focus recently.

And to those who say I’m clumsy – I have the brightest retort – I can live with it quite happily.  I might seem a bit slow, but my minds one of the sharpest in the room.  I’ve played cards with the reaper three (or four?) times now and each time I’ve won (even though, the first occasion – i’m too old to remember it)

If they took the time to think about it – and swapped shoes with me for a day or a week – the detractors would soon think differently.

Focus and concentration and in some cases memory have to be trained after a spell in surgery.

That fine vase that’s in the living room?  you want it moving? i’ll be able to do it – but don’t expect  speedy delivery unless you fancy a jigsaw puzzle…I can give you accuracy, and speed – just not at the same time.

What’s more folks – its getting better – and i’m managing the hazards. Each hurdle has its different challenges, but my volunteer work has seen me doing a number of events – and all unscathed – you’ll be pleased to hear…

and on occasion – i’ll write about it.

Oh and that computer you’re reading this blog on – I can identify the faults on it like a zen master.  Again – If there’s a problem I can fix I’ll do it.  But I’ll also be able to tell the guy on the other bench with the fiddly soldering iron what the problem is too…

So on a day to day basis whether its working at the war museum or athletic stadium – I just take my time – watch my steps – break down the jobs I’ve been given – manage what i’m doing, refer to the aides and help I have – and (last, but certainly not least) look out for those pesky obstacles  – including the cracks in the pavement.

and all with a smile.

Cracks in the pavement