Birds Photography

The last photo


Created in response to the last photo

Yeah, its strange –

two birds sharing a neighbours roof –

it could have been something else,

a shot taken in the park – or maybe by the waters of the quayside,

but then it would have been nothing more than a mere copy

of something i’d taken days , weeks or months before

a magpie and a pigeon – taking a load off

and wondering which cloud to fly into next

Home Life


#fowc #affordable

They’re buying plots of land

in my home town

like it’s going out of fashion

building towers that reach all the way to space

most of the grand palaces in these places – rented out

to the commuters going home of a weekend

spot the zeroes as you pass the estate agents

and watch as they shove offers

through the letterbox

affordable housing? hardly

for as prices head for space – so do the rents

so for most they keep their feet planted

at the bank of mum and dad