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Toy Story

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Salford 6th September

I can see them now

scattered around on the floor

those little bricks that stuck together

some square – some rectangles

some red, some yellow, some blue, some green

we made trees and houses

for the little lego people

that rode around in the cars

on the stubbily green grass outside the house

we’d just built

Acrostic Poetry

Glass Houses

10th May 2017

An acrostic about politics – and what some politicians should do from time to time

Sat amongst your opulent surroundings

A testimony to your greatness,

You hurl insults at one-another

In vain – but in reality you

Never address the problems youre sent in to fix

Got to say – that a child, aged three


Sees and understands what you can’t

Overall, you talk the talk – but responsibility is

Royally Ignored – which is funny for a parliamentarian

Reality will bite back at you , but by then all the

Yelling and screaming from you and your collegues will be too late.

Historical Home Memories Poetry

Walking down the streets i knew

Heading from the museum bridge
and past the Lowry
I’m heading for my little place
by the streets once known to me

Wharfside still contains its ‘houses
but cottons been traded by song
Sea Shanties ? No, but sounds of the day
that play out all day long

Ordsall Hall still stands proud
Off Trafford and Ordsall Lane
A stones throw away, from where kids play
and the site of a redundant crane

Some Public Houses stand adrift
whilst others cook a different whiff
As ghosts of past lick their lips
where once was beer – lies fish and chips

Towers tall on waters edge,
where posh folk sip coffee on their ledge
apartments now – the latest scene
like the ones they knocked down – it seems obscene.

High schools upped their sticks and left
as hotels they moved in
but new ones rose like the phoenix

as new term started therein

So remind me now – when you talk
of communities on Regent and Tamworth Walk
and Townhouses proud on Napier Green
With changes in city – no longer to be seen