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  • In this City

    #writeclub #napowrimo They built a place by a running stream Technology basic but builders keen It was the beginning of the city Basic wells grew in size to the chieftains surprise and mud and straw to create huts were changed for stone – hewn and cut Houses needed food so they built some farms and […]

  • Cavalier

    #fowc #cavalier Crazy – i think you would call it Advancing headlong towards the opposition Venturing into fields unknown As they did so – with each returning shot – horses vaulted Landing their rider to the ground In the end – the whole battalion would End up being Rounded up by the roundheads

  • An Ode to a Horse

    An Ode to a Horse

    Oh Noble Horse who lives on the plain eating a bounty of oats and grain i have to ask have you lost your way as i see you and a pal trotting in play there’s no one around as i watch you with fright only your riders on this cold lonely night i’d hate to […]

  • Bend

    #Fowc #Bend They played with the roman road so the horses and carts didn’t bump into the temples shrines and colosseum The long straight road now looked a lot like Cleopatra’s serpent as it bent and turned and coiled But with progress, came problems for as the engine replaced horse the nobles noticed in their […]

  • Ode to a Horse and Cart

    I remember as a child seeing the Rag and Bone man coming through the streets of Salford with his Horses and Cart, this ode is dedicated to them   When I look at your eyes, your tale sings out, Cerebral thoughts move slowly through the cobbled streets. Children listen to your song of Melancholy as […]

  • What i’m reading….

    What i’m reading….

    Hi Folks. This bit of the blog is going to be an on off review section.  Because , believe it or not – I actually like reading books as much as I like writing stuff Think of this page as not exactly Jonathan Ross but not Michael Parkinson either… In Paperback I’ve currently gone back […]

  • Nose in a Book

    Its two o’ clock in the morning GMT – and I’ve got my nose in a book. A real one – not an e-reader version. No, it’s nothing I’ve written – although if I was to blow my own trumpet – I’d be telling you how great my profile is on Allpoetry.com and getting you […]

  • The Blacksmith

    The Blacksmith

    The Blacksmith A tale inspired by a visit to “Lark Hill Place” in Salford’s Museum and Art Gallery The fire’s coals burn brightly forging metal for the ‘smith who fixes shoes for the horses and the wheels for the carts they’re with It can be dark and gloomy in th’foundry when the coals dim their […]