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    #commonwealthgames #b2022 #birmingham #basketball #3×3 The ball travelled around the court as masters of their craft tried to score for their team With speed, and some grace the ball travelled toward the hoop sometime dropping through the net but others bouncing off the ring Clock ticking down as the scoreboard added points distance the all […]

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    #SoCs #OOP Holding on to the ball ? Out of the question in my younger years – but Now Occasionally, i’ll be in the right place to Position the ball against the backboard to Score a point

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    #Fowc #Hoopla Saturday 20th April, 2019 Have a go, step right up – try your hand at getting the Hoop On the target Of course , land it on the right target – you’ll get a Prize, It’s all down to where your hoop Lands – and that’s down to your Aim and Throw