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  • Just another day

    Just another day

    #Napowrimo #paperswans #children Picking up post for Mum and dad and reading a chapter a day Helping doing the washing and putting it away one hundred and one little things to do whilst i’m away from school playing games with nanna watching granddad play the fool and i’ve pegged out all my teddies clothes so […]

  • Question

    #Napowrimo #questions Where is this country, uncle ? said this rather inquisitive chap he’d just come round from forty winks having had an impromptu nap Can you help me draw it, uncle ? I’m having a problem is true so if you’d help me with this problem i’m having a bit of a do! Can […]

  • Homework

    #Fowc #Homework The children hate it loaded with work from teacher sat by the table a list of adding up writing stuff on countries far and reading practice Mum and Dad Helping with the really big questions Multiplication

  • Study

    A few thoughts by inky on todays daily prompt Study Sat in a room, lined with literary works The lad peers through his assessment Understandably, he might not produce the works of Keats this evening, but with Dutiful observance, and conscientious research – he might just do well at his Year Tutors Assessment of his […]

  • Misplaced

    In response to the prompt Misplaced You’re always doing it, scrambling about as you lose your temper and scream and shout   You swore that you had them At breakfast time and left them on the table upon the clocks alarm chimes   So things they get moved from floor onto shelf you should really […]