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Caribbean Green



Caribbean palm tree – enjoy the view!


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25th February 2017

Calm waters lapping on a tropical bay

As gentle breezes temper the rising mercury

Relax in your hammock – under the shade of a palm

It’s a wonderful moment,

Being by the jewel clear waters

Beaches – with cool white sand

Each holding a special moment

As you soak up the sun in the day – and at

Night, dance under the light of the moon



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Sea green

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I walked out on the sea

toward ocean blue

the fish 🐟 they were keen

they followed me too


waves gently moving

from sea onto shore

minnows circling round my feet

on the sea floor


and out there in the shallows

the waters light blue green

a gem of crystal waters

in winter rarely seen


my feet the fish 🐟 they circle

as they travel round the bay

as I enjoy a paddle

watching things around the way

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Photo Challenge : Solitude



Alykanas Beach

Alykanas Beach


Early morning sunrise 🌅

the fishing boats crews asleep in bed

no one here but me and the sea 🌊

stillness of air and silence

only broken by the smallest of waves

lapping on the shore

burying my toes into uncharted sand

and tiny pebbles washed by the sea

enjoying the silence and the slightest of breezes


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A suitcase by the back door

In response to Suitcase


It’s a little thing,

Just the right size for a little person

containing all those essentials you need

for a holiday on the beach

T-shirts and shorts – in a rainbow of colours

vests and underpants – to keep out the wind

and just in case – his blue raincoat to keep out the rain

(not that its going to)

a book to read at bedtime

and the most important things – his crayons, notepad and..

(last but not least) – his teddy bear

(Mum and Dad are bringing everything else !)