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  • Challenge 30 – No.26

    “Weather” 5th February 2019 “Red skies at Night, Shepherds Delight…..“ This old phrase is still around today. It was the shepherds way of telling fine weather – a red sky at night normally foretold of fine weather next morning Whilst a red sky in the morning, normally was followed by grey clouds in the skies […]

  • Visitor

    #manchester #northwest Manchester 23rd August landed from some far away land far from out in space he wanted to experience life at a different sort of pace he landed at the airport created a kind of scene they hadn’t seen someone at customs quite that kind of green after getting past the customs he went […]

  • Hike

    Hike An original piece of poetry by yours truly, It originally appeared on the Pages of Allpoetry.com but i’ve added a few lines and decided to share the new copy with the wordpressors – Hope you like it His multi layered coat is on his back kinder scout area…. can expect an attack He’s been […]

  • Ascending

    Climbing As you head up the hill Something carries you on Crevices becoming the perfect hand holds Engaging with the rock Noted men before you have attemped this face before – but Deny you your moment of glory ? not a chance! In fact – they’ll be all hearing you yelling your achievements North to […]

  • Purple Mountains

    Purple Mountains

    There’s something almost magical  about the Lake water here at sunset

  • Resilient

    Salford, Via Buttermere and the rest of the Lake District, UK Tuesday 17th January 2017  Resilient Carved out by the glaciers atop of the earth the angels tears amassed filling a mighty hole did some great giant leave the tread of his boots here ? only the creator could answer that Seeds grow trees around the teardrops Nice place for […]

  • Same country, different county

    Same country, different county

    New Horizon 9th December 2016 Photograph taken on a cold day in Warwickshire. And another view taken from a hill. A different horizon to what i’d usually see of a morning – the waterside metropolis of Salford Quays in Greater Manchester (or if you’re a purist – Lancashire) The Location Hartshill Hayes country park, near […]

  • A Tale of Old Boots

    These Boots Were Made for Walking March 2011 In a part of the corridor, just by the stairs by the front door, lies a pair of Old Black Boots. It’s been quite a while since they have been walking. And if their owner were truthful – they could do with a bit of a clean.  The […]

  • Gods Green Carpet

    Gods Green Carpet

    They took a mechanical pair of scissors To God’s green carpet Sticky black runways linked city and town Whilst up in the hills, mountain sheep frowned Till one day men held their pride Railway restored, roads no longer seen All that were seen were lakes and valleys green Feet travelled gravelled paths As local wildlife […]