Tag: Hills

  • Snowy Peaks

    #writephoto Somewhere up here , there’s a Number of sheep, celebrating the holidays Of course – among the white stuff you’ll only spot em When they move about Yet, at the moment – they’re blending in Shepherds keep an eye on the length of the pastures grass as over time – where the sheep are […]

  • Return

    #writephoto #return He had to come back He’d completed his journey Hopping over sands and hills and dales He enjoyed the vast open planes of the grand canyon and Hot desert plains of the sahara However, something was calling him back, so he hiked across the hills from the local airport, where at home , […]

  • Purple Mountain

    #CYW #Killarney #PurpleMountainMajesty Perhaps the imps were out last night up where the slate rocks lie reactions to the sun falling on the hills people are pleased with what they see on the eye lilacs , lavenders and amethyst shades – all those and much more everyone visiting loves the scene – so off they […]

  • Vista


    #writephoto #vista View from the top of this very big hill is breathtaking (literally) some say its a bit barmy climbing up all that way to take a picture or admire the view – but at the end of the day – its worth it (even better with a picnic)

  • Stacking

    Up above the basalt hills some creatures they were playing they thought they’d be safe up high in the clouds so they just carried on wi their stacking Little flat and greyish rocks stood on top of each other one mountain dwarf enjoyed the fun so he called on his brother And together – they […]

  • Breeze

    Salford, 23rd May 2020 #weather #nature #winds #trees Something’s afoot, the barometer has moved with a bounce it’s not a Winds day but it feels like it and the foliage on the trees – is dancing Westerly winds in a rush to navigate their way to northern pennine hills determined trees – doing their best […]

  • Storm

    #writephoto #storm #beyondthestorm #writephoto Something told you it wasn’t going to be a Terrific idea to venture onto the hills today, but Of course you were out voted – as you and your pals Rambled up the public footpath, seeking out paradise – Maybe you could discuss what you found in that shelter – Atop […]

  • Map

    #map #fowc many a sailor or perhaps a buccaneer has used one of these in pursuit of treasure many you will find, as a guide for potential explorers putting their feet across peak district peat bogs most are a guide for weary travellers ambling across the uk road network perhaps they could have taken the […]

  • The Journey

    #writephoto #thejourney Salford (via Rochdale and Oldham), 17th August 2019 a tale of a rambler , by inky for the writephoto challenge He went a walk with an empty backpack and staff off to get a loaf of bread many hadn’t heard from him for days, some even thought him dead For his boot prints […]

  • Challenge 30 – No.26

    “Weather” 5th February 2019 “Red skies at Night, Shepherds Delight…..“ This old phrase is still around today. It was the shepherds way of telling fine weather – a red sky at night normally foretold of fine weather next morning Whilst a red sky in the morning, normally was followed by grey clouds in the skies […]