Wild Watermelon

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Well, Fancy seeing that

a fruit you don’t normally see

that’s now up in the tall green trees in the park

every fruit is currently holding on for dear life as its a

right royal drop to the floor from where it is

might be nice in slices – but i don’t like it mushed up

even the squirrels are taking cover – can you imagine one o’ those

landing on top of you

of course – the fruit would rather be in a tropical breeze – not a city one

no wonder they’re wild!


Up High

#Socs #High

Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

Giants Causeway, Ireland

Ascending the hexagonal steps

didn’t seem that much of a bother

till you noticed with each little step

the distance tween the step you were on

and the step you left got that little bit higher

Giant’s causeway it may be

but its an awful way down

to get back for tea

Outdoor Pursuits Poetry



6th October 2018

You’ve been trying to climb that hill for a while now

facing off against its challenges

its crags, sharp sides and slippy hand holds

not to mention the wet slate underneath

dark purples your pals as you rose

overcoming every obstacle in your way

take in the rewards at the top

the view of the blue sky – its lovely.

Growing up Poetry Schooldays


Salford 10th May 2018



You were always the one in school

that caused a scene

causing young heads to turn

at your juvenile antics

Wearing the Uniform

the way you wanted

raising an eye

of the deputy head

They called you “Cool”

and your pals all circled

as school rules fell

and school skirts rose

The defiant red haired streak

got you noticed

by the more butch kids

in the school playground

But at the end of the day

the lad that you wanted

never looked back

leaving you – disappointed

Acrostic Birds Poetry



Salford, 25th March 2018


Sat on a branch of a silver birch or oak

waiting for the rest of the gang to catch up

a wonder of the skies takes a break

letting himself have a rest before taking off again

little bird of blue white and black

over the heights he looks, planning

where he will swoop to next

Acrostic Food Poetry



For as long as human’s have used metal as money

It’s been used as an instrument

Numbers and figures placed on items to value it

If the item is plentiful, the people get it relatively cheap

Then again, if there’s not enough to go round – the item’s prices rise

Expect a mad rush at the supermarket, upon a massive harvest of cocoa beans

Birds Colours Growing up Nature Poetry

Robin egg blue


#Coloryourworld #CYW #Robineggblue

Up high in a tree

in a cosy twig nest

four little eggs

sleep where they are best

hidden away from their avian foes

protected from wind, the rain and the snows

mum and dad watching from a branch at height

keeping an eye on the eggs that are bright

Much like their cousins, whose shells are white

they sleep both at day, and mostly at night

till the time comes to spread their wings

and they taste the goodies their mum and dad brings