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  • Castle in the Air

    Castle in the Air

    #WDYS He’d climbed that hill for many days till he decided to stop at a misty spot ahead a crafted house with spires and towers and follies the occupants? off and away on their jollies had he found heaven? hard to say but for a while he’ll rest here have a picnic and play

  • Orchid

    #cyw #orchid Over time the orchid plant Releases the colour hidden away in its stems Crafting flowers of such beauty, you would have thought Heaven’s angels had crafted each one It takes time to grow an orchid with such colour and beauty, but its Definately worth every second waited

  • Transported to heaven

    #Sixwords #food #Steak #Kidney #Pudding #Suet A Northern English Six Word Poem – “Pudding and Chips – I’m in Heaven”