Animals Poetry

Manx Cat

Memory of a Moggy

Advanced in his years

Noted for the absence of an

eXistent tail

Cute as can be, wandering down peel harbour

As he looks out for fishy rewards

Tuna a favourite, but he’ll take Mackerel too

Acrostic Poetry Water



Destination – the head of a river

Each stream heading through

Lands servicing

Those who live there – boats

Anchored or Moored in the harbour



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Paint the Day with Colour

in response to the daily post prompt blogging the senses

Paint the Day with Colour


Take up your brush
and paint the sky
a brilliant pastel blue.

Add in a warm yellow sun
and fluffy white clouds too,
add in a horizon – a building or two!

Colour your seas an aqua blue
and if you want , or if you wish
add some big silvery fish

On your shoreline add to reds
to the sandy rocks by the bed
Add a boat green that’s painted bright
and a lighthouse that’s painted white.

Not forgetting those men with the nets
wearing bright yellow – you cannot forget.
Shadows of seagulls, in the distance black,
as nets pull full nets to the harbour back.

Original Artwork by Author. I used the attached image for my inspiration for this challenge. I was once a crew member of the OYC vessel – “Greater Manchester Challenge” and the instruction to paint a visual picture inspired me to come up with this. Hope you enjoy the read.

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Memories of Holidays Past

Memories of Holidays Past

(alternate title : A Salford lads venture in the Southwest of England)


The English Riviera…

Torquay, Paignton, Brixham – the English County of Devon

One heck of a place to get to by Car, even more by rail.

Heading south, through mystical places – on an intercity train.

A great adventure when you’re only eight years old.  Watching Mum and Dad take my Mermaid of a sister splashing in the sea, while I made sandcastles on the shore.  And whilst I was into construction, my sister was in the art of Demolition – I didn’t mind.  I just filled up my Bucket and Spade and built it up again…

There were picture postcard cottages with picturesque gardens.  A wonderful setting to enjoy a Devon Cream tea.  Then , a ride on a Mini Locomotive to take you from one place to the next

Donkey rides on Paignton seafront and trips to Brixham Harbour by boat – watching the sealife passing along by before landing on shore for a lovely lunch of fish and chips.  Seagulls from the local harbour looked on, watching out for a dropped chip.  Then we catch a bus back to Paignton to see the Elephants at the local zoo, and watch Sea lions laugh as Dad was getting sprayed by them.

Then as we walk home to the guest house, we watched the sun go behind the cove before me and my little sister headed off to bed.  Later on in the week, a trip on a coach to Dartmouth and its harbour – to see some really BIG Boats.

A walk on the prom awaits us tomorrow – and another cream tea.

But for now its time for bed – and dreams of heffalumps.

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A view from a Window

Fetihye Dolphins

A post of Oledeniz and Fethiye, Turkey

I’m sat on a seat waiting for my tea with Mum and Dad.  The sun is shining brightly on this part of the Turkish Coastline, local fishermen are sat by the harbour – seeing to their nets.  The water is so clear, you can see the fish swimming around the boats.

The café is by a fountain, and there are shaped box – trees in the shape of Dolphins, Pelicans and Flamingoes around it.  As we sit down to eat we’re greeted by two real live pelicans – kept by their owners – the cafe’s owners named their establishment around them.  We’re reassured – They’ve been Fed.

A Cup of Apple Tea, is the perfect start to the lunchtime treat about to come.  Local Fish , Chips and Salad.  The chips were really crispy and were dusted in a special mix of rosemary and thyme… But in essence its the Fish that’s the star of the show in these parts – Landed by the fishermen and served in herby citric breadcrumbs with a slice of lemon.   The Mushy peas and Tartar sauce side players on the dish – but nice all the same.The Salad is just as nice – Fresh Tomato Cucumber and Lettuce, served with a Tzatziki sauce, and the obligatory Turkish olives.  Drinking a Beer would have ruined the taste of this lovely dinner – so I have a lemonade instead. As the sun shines down on the waterside, it makes rainbow bubbles in the glass which land on the tablecloths.   Local seabirds look on enviously from the pathway – waiting in hope for a piece of fish to drop from the table.  Alas for them…the tables are guarded.  The café owners Cat is watching them from  nearby.

Some cold ice tea, and a fruit salad finish the meal off nicely.  After paying and thanking our hosts we then walk alongside the harbour, where there are a number of boats from the local fishing fleet alongside visiting yachts.