Burnt Orange

When you entered the room Instantly, you turned the boys heads Like Desdemona had arrived Dynamic Heaven’s angel mixed with Hell’s fury Only time would decide what happened next Meeting up with old friends By the banks of the waterside Reality – you would be back at your post come morning Expectations – out ofContinue reading “Burnt Orange”


Salford 10th May 2018 Rebel You were always the one in school that caused a scene causing young heads to turn at your juvenile antics Wearing the Uniform the way you wanted raising an eye of the deputy head They called you “Cool” and your pals all circled as school rules fell and school skirtsContinue reading “Rebel”

Purple pizazz

#coloryourworld #cyw #purplepizazz     Punk princess hits the dancefloor In a purple ensemble – to grab your eye Zest for life – shown as she waltzes in her size nines And the crowd watches her move around the floor Zany hair in a neon style – watch her Zip around the floor in aContinue reading “Purple pizazz”