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Painting by Numbers

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A Colourful Tiger / Painting by Numbers

Maybe i’ll never be a Picasso….

and Lowry’s paintings are safe from my brush

reality is whilst i can do a bit of a sketch

keeping to the borders with my HB Pencil

its getting the colours on the canvas right – that’s why the

numbers on the pre-printed board are

great – for they tell me where the colours should go

On go the Orange’s, the greens and the browns

Until its time for the greys and the blacks

Taking my time – layering the paint – forms a picture of the puddytat.

Acrostic Museums Poetry


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A group of eager young minds

Dropped in on a historical building or two today

Very interested in taking in the displays

And getting a feel of some real items used of the time

Now , anyone could tell their enthusiasm was building as one or two led a

Charge up the stairwell –

Except for one thing – none of them knew their way around!