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  • Patience of Poets

    #writeclub Poetry as a pastime, can be taken as more a marathon than a sprint in that, inspiration needs to grow every seed of an idea needs something to make it the final article crafting and editing, perhaps adding drawings and colour so everyone will be attracted to it Only the most foolish – dive […]

  • Cluster


    #Fowc #Cluster Coming to life from beneath the ground leaves hiding a burst of colour until its time for the flowers to say “Hello!” to the bright morning sky. keeping together for their own protection each individual flower adding their own bit of radiant colour to the garden

  • Day/Night

    #octpowrimo #Day #Night Sunshine popped up from Under the horizon – The beginning of a New day Snoozing flowers taking a stretch Helping themselves to a bright spot In a Moment, new shoots will Negotiate their way through the soil Elevating themselves to the clouds Now when the sun has done his bit Excitable little […]

  • The luckiest guy alive

    Title prompt : C/o John Cooper Clarke Scattered the seed under a spruce based siding noting the date and time someone must have been looking over me, – hail mary moment – for in the redness of the sky – came a flash of light next thing you know, enough raindrops for the buried seed […]

  • Oulipo

    Summer feast by KM Neumann – Original poem can be found at poetrysoup.com Secret rendezvous in the wooden tremeloes dripping with soft morning diadem Motifs giving rise to mounting desire Oaths seeding ligntning and naked cadent pining for confessors of passion and pleasure nautilus knows best how to refuse souffle in bedlam with soft underpass […]

  • Growth


    #fowc #socs #growth Getting up at sunlight reacting to the suns warmth out pop the little seedlings who were sleeping away after taking refreshment in the border – now, there having a wail of a time – reaching for the sunshine

  • Pine Green

    #CYW #Pinegreen Perhaps you would say Its probably the most recognisable tree Next to the horse chestnut and English Oak – Its seeds hanging from its evergreen branches Growing commences when these seeds find their way under ground Released into the air slowly and then Enjoying the journey towards the clouds Expect a squirrel to […]

  • Orchid

    #cyw #orchid Over time the orchid plant Releases the colour hidden away in its stems Crafting flowers of such beauty, you would have thought Heaven’s angels had crafted each one It takes time to grow an orchid with such colour and beauty, but its Definately worth every second waited

  • Mountain Meadow

    Mountaineer came out of his wintry cave, the summit conquered up on the top of the hill, had been nothing but snow, but now those seeds sleeping under the snow had torn through the safety of the soil and provided a lovely view for the climber to see in time, he’d enjoy the fruits of […]

  • Views from a Window

    I Facing Swathe’s of Green Little fruits play hide and seek under leafy shade II Tomatoes Blushing Star of the evening platter by the battered cod III Empty vines begin growth of some brand new red fruits new fruits taking shape