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  • Tulips in the snow

    #Napowrimo #Writeclub Another response to a writeclub prompt by yours truly cheers to Gary @ Writeclub for providing it The bulbs had sleeping all Winter waiting for a small hint of Spring they’d been waiting for the soil to warm up and thinking of the colour they’d bring So imagine then, to their surprise when […]

  • Disaster


    #fowc #Disaster The islanders were not aware the fates would turn their watchful glare on them The beast below was fast asleep till something made it jump and leap near them And from the ground – and covering rock the lava rained – giving people shock round them and rescuers gathered around with every naval […]

  • lean


    #fowc #lean like a rocket the shoots of the tree extended out to the sky and as it did – the winds blew it gently to and fro now the trees arms are nearer to the squirrels than the birds

  • Beetroot


    I Born in the ground enjoying itself in the soil before being elevated to new heights and taken to the kitchen where it will rest in vinegar and spices till it comes out of the pickling jar and set out on the plate as the perfect side to the Lancashire hotpot II Pickling vinegar turns […]

  • What’s the world made of ?

    #writeclub #Material #Question #Ground Mountains made of metals that need mining to be used Minerals around the Metals May also be fused to make shiny new things for this and for that and shirts ties and jumpers and coats and hats occasionally the metals come up in liquid form breaking through the crust – molten […]

  • Heads or tails

    #Socs #toss a piece on a coin toss for #Socs by inky 50:50 – I think that’s what they call it chances of you picking the right side of the coin It seems so plausible – there’s only two choices but like a smaller version of a roulette wheel the fates are rising and falling […]

  • Takeover

    Salford (Via Llandudno) , 31st March 2020 A tale of Goats in the welsh town of Llandudno, written by inky, inspired by an ITV News article : The Goats are taking over and they’re heading into town they’re happy to play, no-one to chase them away for their shepherd’s gone to ground The cars have […]

  • Descend

    Descend Saturday 20th May 2017 During a dandelion seeds travels each one rises up into the air, some travel further than others carried by the wind eventually though, they gently drop to nearby ground, where after a short rest they become dandelions new, with bright yellow flowers

  • Spring greens

    #Coloryourworld #cyw #spring-green From down in the ground on cold winter ❄️ months long 🍃 leaves take time to grow.   As their heads pop up from the ground rejoice! For their dark green foliage utimately signal mother nature fancies a change of scene   the mercury rises and the flowers 🌺 are coming spring […]

  • Almond

    Admittedly, I like Almonds…