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  • Toastie II

    Toastie II

    #Discoverprompts #Food # Toastie Salford, Sunday 5th April 2020 To many, it’s better than Sunday Lunch Over the country, they’ve been cooking under the grill A combination of Ham and Cheese, and sometimes tomato Sitting under the grill and combining to make a Totally tasty treat Instantaneous flavour from bite to bite End to scrumptious […]

  • Tomato


    Together on the vine they grow Over time they develop Making a change from green to yellow or red As the colour changes so does flavour and sweetness They can be eaten hot or cold, in soups, fried or grilled Or cooked down and used in a pasta dish, or salad

  • Simple supper

    Salford, 29th December 2018 Some would say it’s grand, but If you looked at it from recent fare … its Meagre, though oh so satisfying Plain bit of steak…grilled and cut into three and Lovingly coupled with some Tomatoes Eggs and fried onion