#Colouryourworld #cyw #Green   A signal to all in the garden – Spring is a go. formed from the primaries of blue skies and yellow sun you’re what give the leaves and grass a colour   grazing cows and flocking birds cheer the sight of your appearance as flowers use your colour as canvas  Continue reading “Green”

Screamin’ Green

#coloryourworld #cyw #screamingreen Some say, you’re a loud color Causing a bit of a stir when you’ve been seen Round the flowers you get more attention Even more than the reds – to them it’s obscene As your noisy colour spreads through the garden Many cover their eyes at the sight Its like Halloween twenty four – seven, particularly atContinue reading “Screamin’ Green”


#coloryourworld #cyw #Dandelion King 👑 of the wildflower beasts in the centre of the lawn you survey your kingdom blades of grass bow to your yellow mane as your family sets root across the square of green one day, it will be time to pass your crown 👑 to another but until then enjoy yourContinue reading “Dandelion”


underground What’s that sound That’s not above ground ? Under your feet and way down the street below the grassy mound somethings digging around making its way from point a to point b wild creature moving off home for some tea and on way it moves soil pushing grasses above head making lawns lush beforeContinue reading “Underground”


  Local Location : Ordsall Park, Salford, UK Call it a Green Island in a Sea of Concrete A good place for a football game Trees of varying type scatter this wonderous island of Green swings and climbing frames keep youngsters amused whilst older kids send footballs into the northern air as the local wildlifeContinue reading “Local”


In response to the daily post prompt Drop Delightful little uniform shapes Round one minute, tear shaped the next – landing On rooftiles and gardens in a street near you. Pavements creating pools in their cracks   Daily occurrence in spring and in autumn Rivers rely on their contribution – to keep the fish happy On warmerContinue reading “Drop”

Gods Green Carpet

They took a mechanical pair of scissors To God’s green carpet Sticky black runways linked city and town Whilst up in the hills, mountain sheep frowned Till one day men held their pride Railway restored, roads no longer seen All that were seen were lakes and valleys green Feet travelled gravelled paths As local wildlifeContinue reading “Gods Green Carpet”