Two Brothers

A tale of two neighbourhood cats – c/o my profile on Sat on a grassy spot, someplace by the house two brothers sit on the outside porch dreaming about a mouse They’re waiting for their mum to serve up summat for tea and have been playing in the backyard rolling in the grass withContinue reading “Two Brothers”

In their finest

On a Sunday morning, In the bright sunshine You’ll see them all In their finest Taking a walk With husband or wife Along with the children, Escaping the strife No work for the blacksmith The shops are all closed They’ve all been to church So a walk is proposed And while making their way ToContinue reading “In their finest”

Silent ballad of pollen park

Cant say a word theyre rejoicing on the greens as blossoms cover everywhere round tree roots and inbetween and in the warmth the flowers sway playing in the breeze floating around, without a sound moving pollen with the bees grabbing the poor sneezing soul with hay fever by the throat as pollen collects en masseContinue reading “Silent ballad of pollen park”


Hidden In the green of the park Never miss a moment Vast numbers of creatures live In every nook and cranny across the field of grass Some, sleep in the wood – whilst others live In the ground, pushing up the grass you play on Birds nest hide away – but you have to LookContinue reading “Hidden”

It is easy being green!

It IS Easy Being Green! Its quite easy being green Watching the plants wake from the cold of winter sprouting new shoots from barren branches Calamatous cold conditions giving way to glorious growth watching wiry stems produce perfect petals Evergreens look on proudly as new growth comes from fallen seed proud parent watching little seedlings RainbowsContinue reading “It is easy being green!”

Pine Green

    #Coloryourworld #CYW #Green #Pine #acrostic #nature #forest   Perhaps its no mistake In noting you’re an evergreen Numbers of you gather on Each side of the forest road, pushing through the   Grasses as you do, Reaching high up into the sky of blue Every squirrel in the neighbourhood covets your seeds, andContinue reading “Pine Green”