Fortune (acrostic)

Fortune For as long as prospectors keep talking Oregon’s wagon trail has attracted people far and wide Round the wild valleys they roam Trekking around the carved out valleys for Unforetold riches from the Horde of Coins Navigating the challenging terrain can be difficult Enjoy your quest – but expect trouble along the gold scattered route.


A poetic response to another Golden response from Paralympics GB (Hannah Cockcroft, winning Gold in Rio)   Have you been watching ? A Magical moment in the Rio lights New wheels speeding down the track to a Gold Neutrals and rivals all – Astounded – The British girl Has taken it…. Speeding through the competition,…… Continue reading Supercharged

Golden Moments

In another place, whilst I eat my tea Our brave athletes are going for victory flying round tracks and fields of all kind focused on goals in body and mind Prepared for the task – with targets in hand strategies made – and races planned Zeus watches on as the events unfold as Britain goes…… Continue reading Golden Moments