Monday 30th December 2019 Sat up in the gods, or in the stalls enjoying the vibe of the tunes nailing together the storyline and sewing up all the loose threads as you watch the actors tell the tale, you tap away in rhythm with the cast it wont be long till you join in withContinue reading “Musical”


The thought of it just being the Evolution of evaporation and condensation, doesn’t ring true with me. Up there with the Deity, helping create the mountains and Rivers, the angels have heard their boss On occasion when he’s hit his thumb with a hammer Precipitation? Maybe if you are solely a geographer Something tells meContinue reading “Teardrops”

Midnight Blue

    Maybe its the colour of the night sky itself Its only when the sun goes to bed – does it appear Dozens , no thousands of stars peppering the dark blue Night after Night, showing planets and constellations Inky coloured skies, occasionally diffused by sodium lights below Great gods from Aries to OrionContinue reading “Midnight Blue”