Growing up, Life, Poetry, Romance, Romantic

Who am I, life’s Charlie Brown ?

For she catches my eye, and I’ve fallen down

Tongue tied with her beauty, so close at hand

Even though the words in the head I’d planned

a wonderful sight, with a beautiful mind

sometimes she’s harsh, but on the whole she is kind

Catching me out with those dark brown eyes

Occasional glances catch me by surprise

Heart rising by a beat when she’s so near

No more than friends, to me that is clear

Talking shop on the backyard, sharing an occasional smile

With the girl with the red hair, I want to stay awhile


Growing up, Poetry, Schooldays

Salford 10th May 2018



You were always the one in school

that caused a scene

causing young heads to turn

at your juvenile antics

Wearing the Uniform

the way you wanted

raising an eye

of the deputy head

They called you “Cool”

and your pals all circled

as school rules fell

and school skirts rose

The defiant red haired streak

got you noticed

by the more butch kids

in the school playground

But at the end of the day

the lad that you wanted

never looked back

leaving you – disappointed


Flowers, Romance, Romantic

Salford 25th July 2017


For centuries, the makers of perfume have made

Romantic smells from the humble garden

Animated – and captured with oils wine and water

Girls grab their latest favourite – in an attempt to

Reach out – without a step – to the lad of their dreams

Attraction can be immediate – turning heads

Never think that it’s the scent alone that does it –

Cupid’s arrow is fickle at times – but

Every girl knows – to get his attention – it’s a start!




Acrostic, Flowers, Poetry, Seaside


A poem written by inkdrop for the daily post : Perfume

Salford (via Heraklion) , 10th May 2017

Perhaps it was her eyes that first attracted me

Everyone stopped – freeze frame as we met

Reaction to that wonderful smile – unabashed, but

From that day on, she seemed to be everywhere

Unusually, i couldnt see her around, was my

Memory playing tricks on me ?

Even the blossom’s sent a message of her

The Moment

Growing up, Poetry, Romance, Romantic, Schooldays

A poetical piece, posted as a poetic response to my piece in If I could turn back time….


A moment in an hour of doom,
lifted my spirits in the disco lit gloom.
This wallflower clings to the wall with care
whilst the beauty in his vision sits on a chair

A moment of courage came to the lad,
so I decided to take the chance I had.
And by chance , our eyes began to meet
so I started to shuffle my nervous feet

Towards You , on the floor
and not , towards the door

You took me, quite
by surprise!
When you moved, those
beautiful eyes
Towards the apparent, valentines
last prize

That was me.

So while you move, wi’ your soda and lime
we’ll move to the middle, and take our time
grasping the nettle, and taking a chance
to hold one another – and dance!