The Rebel

#Fowc #Rebel Salford, 6th July 2019 the one everyone remembered at school not breaking the rules, just bending them wearing skirts just above regulation and turning up just in time avoiding detention her fellow classmates – adored her act popularity in the school yard ? – an absolute fact but the lad in the libraryContinue reading “The Rebel”

Looking : A Found Poem

#Love #Romance #Poetry Salford 14th January 2019 another found poem by me via Spike Milligans Box 18 I’ve stopped looking for that diamond that brightens up my day the beauty of your eyes still capture me in the evening light as we pass each other by and memories of walking through the daisy patch stillContinue reading “Looking : A Found Poem”

Girl In The Tinted Glasses

Salford 11th December 2018 I don’t know what it is with you. You’re there at the same time, same day Same Reaction to my appearance on the opposite platform Gawping like a primary school kid I’m not an alien – and i’m past caring what old style clothing you think i’m wearing attitude of aContinue reading “Girl In The Tinted Glasses”


Awkward A moment occured when you expressed your affection for that girl at the bus stop with a kiss…only for the romance to die when you shuffled about against the bus stop pole – in full view of the remaining passengers, it might seemed dramatic – and some old ladies smiled (all you could doContinue reading “Awkward”


Salford 10th May 2018 Rebel You were always the one in school that caused a scene causing young heads to turn at your juvenile antics Wearing the Uniform the way you wanted raising an eye of the deputy head They called you “Cool” and your pals all circled as school rules fell and school skirtsContinue reading “Rebel”

Tripping the light fantastic

Dancing Daintily passing over the polished wood floor are two pairs of feet, skipping happily across it never seen together before – they haven’t a care or a worry – just so long as the girl is happy in her boyfriends arms, Dancing the night away together – following each others groove under the lights


fragrance Salford 25th July 2017   For centuries, the makers of perfume have made Romantic smells from the humble garden Animated – and captured with oils wine and water Girls grab their latest favourite – in an attempt to Reach out – without a step – to the lad of their dreams Attraction can beContinue reading “Fragrance”