Christmas Festive Poetry


#Socs #reveal

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that time of year is here again

someone’s carefully and thoughtfully

bought you something

and placed it under the tree

to unwrap after christmas dinner

colourful wrapping, tags and bows

get lost in the whirlwind

of little hands getting hold of their gift

leaving a tide of colourful paper

to clear up after play is over


Secret Santa

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Someone should have let you know

everyone’s been put on notice

Christmas social’s round the corner

reactions to the news ?

engaging on panic

though its more on what to give than get

Soon – those

anonymous presents – will be wrapped

named and placed surreptitiously under

the tree – reactions ?

anybody’s guess.

Acrostic Christmas


#Socs #Box


as you raided the tree

navigating all the pressies to get to your own, did you

take care to check the big red box

at the side of the tree ?

Pleasant surprise

resides inside for you

even the family dog wants you to

see what’s inside

except – though its from santa – theres

no name on the tag….

though theres a pressie everyone will enjoy.

Acrostic Poetry

Hand-Made Gift

#Napowrimo #Gift

20th April 2020

stained glass window by Inky

A gift from the heart, that’s what it is

Really – the monetary value is – irrelevant

Time and care has gone into the creation

Specially made for you

Crafted colourfully and with great thought

Really great to look at, when its in front of the light

As the sun passes through each

Fixed piece of painted glass

Then casting up , down or straight ahead

Something the sun provides

Chocolate Christmas Poetry

Nutcracker (Cookie Jar)

Second day of the Christmas Countdown

everyone knows , that soon this drum major will be

rapping out a tune on his drum – for

gooey chocolate cookies might be guarded by him

expecting little ones to go on a hunt

not knowing where the treasure is hiding

that’s something – the dear major is keeping under his hat