Tag: Ghosts

  • Flashback

    #socs #flashback Flooding back lovingly recomposed a compilation of childhood favourites software (Games) of yesteryear, once held on twenty to thirty floppy discs becomes easily accessible through the aid of silicon chips and takes you back to happier days chasing ghosts around a power pill maze king of the video game era.

  • Trick

    The lanterns welcome the little gremlins to the door joined by ghosts and ghouls the odd vampire or monster together with animals of all sorts knocking on doors , all through the night giving the neighbours occasional fright toffees and chocolate fill up their bag with fruit lollies making up part of their swag in […]

  • Boo!


    #childhood #halloween #octpowrimo #socs On Halloween Night the tables were turned for there was nothing more frightening to the monsters , ghosts and ghouls than the sight of little children playing peek-a-boo under their bedsheets

  • Pumpkin


    #writephoto #pumpkin Pumpkin (Image: KL Caley) Positioned under a shady spot waiting for moonlight of all hallows eve preparing for arrivals of kreepy ghosts in the night time garden

  • Jack-o-lanterns

    Lights in the window allowing ghosts and ghouls , big or small nice or naughty to join in with Halloween fun even those who float about have a right royal time – with those who are just dressed up not that you would notice!

  • Light in Darkness

    Salford 17th October 2020 #Octpowrimo Outside in the darkness the spirits dance under the LED Nights that cast their lights over the tarmac road shadowy forms skip and hop over kerb and walk while the cats on the doorstep look on as the night sky twinkles with the far off light and constellations watch the […]

  • Medium

    #Socs #Medium Man in the middle expecting to receive a defininate message in the air around him unless he’s disturbed messages from the angels and spirits come quick

  • Scream


    #Fowc #Scream Something eerie is hiding in the dark chilling all those living in the old house rickety boards creaking ever so slightly each one telling you you’re not alone and as you light up the darkness to see movement of resident mice – gets an instant reaction

  • Fantasy

    #SoCS #Fan Salford 6th June 2020 For many years , i’ve been a fan of the fantasy genre. as Local folk writers with hi tales of mystical lands near to, or in the vicinity of my home garden terrific and tantalizing tales of witches and wizards all playing round in a coppice or wood some […]

  • All Hallows Eve

    All Hallows Eve

    A post in response to this weeks #Writephoto prompt from Sue Vincent (at SCVincent.com) The wicker man had a party before the angels landed The wicker man was worried he thought he’d be reprimanded See opposite the church , he’d built a great wood pyre something for the ghouls and ghosts to be inspired The […]