mystery ii

Salford 30th March 2019 #freedomofexpression #iscriblr #mystery a response to iscriblrs wonderful mystery challenge…enjoy. A strange thing happened the other night Under the cover of dark Something with a sweet tooth paid us a call He snook into the kitchen, without giving us a fright And sitting down at my birthday cake, he did parkContinue reading “mystery ii”


Mystery All Hallows eve, Salford 2017 Maybe it was a ghost that paid a visit yesterday – but if that’s the case some ghost has a taste for cocoa and cookies taken from my suppertime plate each cookie now resembling a crescent moon reduced levels in the cocoa mug yes its a puzzle – whodunnitContinue reading “Mystery”

Little Ghost’s Tale

A little ghost came out to play but found the children ran away When he appeared that Hallowed Night He wandered what gave them a fright He’d been alone in that old spooky house, with no one to talk to but a passing mouse who after seeing little ghost wi a squeak ran off quicklyContinue reading “Little Ghost’s Tale”