#Fowc #Landmark

Look around

and you will find them everywhere

north to south

distinct buildings, created for a purpose

many come from far and wide just to see the

architecture, while others like to look

’round the facilities, taking in all the history and artifacts

kept within the walls of the building



A draft of idea

getting what you want on paper

without going into any great detail

the first bone of a skeleton

that forms over time

will it end up on the gallery wall ?

time will tell

but the recepticle by your right hand side

is ready to receive it should you change your mind

Acrostic Museums Poetry


#Fowc #Advance #Museums

A group of eager young minds

Dropped in on a historical building or two today

Very interested in taking in the displays

And getting a feel of some real items used of the time

Now , anyone could tell their enthusiasm was building as one or two led a

Charge up the stairwell –

Except for one thing – none of them knew their way around!

BASIC Colours Flowers Photography

Preparing for a show

Location : Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford

Date : 2nd November 2016

Chilli’s in a Box

The photography group had a bit of a surprise today,

In that some of our photographs are going to be put on public display in the largest shopping centre in Greater Manchester, The Trafford Centre.

With the help of our tutor Maggie, we’ve picked out some of our best work, and these will be framed and put on display for visitors to come and see.

When complete – the photos will be framed and put in a prominent place for a period of time in the shopping centre.

Fairy light Brew


Buildings Home Photography

Night Portrait


We’ve had new windows put in at the house

and you get a lovely view – it’s like a picture frame in one of those fancy art galleries.

My view of the outside


Museum Photography Places

Another Busman’s Holiday

Saturday 14th May 2016


I’ve had a rather fun morning today, walking around Peel Park and taking in the new exhibits at Salford’s Museum and Art Gallery.


The museum is home to Salford’s Art and Sculpture Collections, as well as being home to the Local History Library.  Before the Lowry Art Gallery was built on Salford Quays, it was also home to the Lowry Collection.


Currently the Gallery is hosting an exhibition of work by the workers of the Pilkington Glass Factory, and also a photographic exhibition of the work of the Salford Born Musician – Graham Nash…Of Crosby,Stills,Nash and Young.

I enjoyed looking at the various pieces on display – but one particularly caught my eye 🙂


This little multi coloured glass pig…made in the Pilkington factory by one of the workforce.


After walking round the galleries, I took a look around the Victorian street recreated on the ground floor. I’ve wrote a couple of pieces on this on here and you can find them on my blog posts or on my Allpoetry profile.