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  • Antique


    #Writephoto #Antique I A room full from wall to wall of old things Aged but still in style looking for a new house to call home II Leather or Suede on Mahogany legs style well with any table, like that one in the window III Sitting in the grand surroundings of the antique shop furniture […]

  • Tree House

    #MLMM Moving into a tree house seemed such a good idea at the time Wooden furniture, Natural Carpets Clockwork Television being one with mother nature only problem was bringing the lawnmower into the lounge to keep the living space clean

  • Making the pieces fit

    Making the pieces fit

    #fowc #modular I To keep the prices down The chair and desk you are sitting at Take a different form from the one in the showroom They all fit flat to fit in the back of the car and There’s a handy little hexagonal key – to help you fix The pieces together II Technology […]

  • The chair

    The chair

    (with a nod to Sir Spike Milligan) They took a chainsaw to an elderly resident of the forest where it ended up on a journey to a woodcutters yard The tree in its prime rose high into the air a resting place for aviators on their way to other shores but now its been chopped […]

  • Life in Boxes

    Life in Boxes

    I They’re everywhere in every street where there’s a spare space colourful boxes with fancy designs on them don’t be distressed this ain’t no graffiti it’s “State 0f the art livin’” in the “Modern metropolis” II Built up? Hardly Supersized sardine tins – stacked like jenga the occupants – can see for miles all the […]

  • Mahogany

    Maybe its the deep red colour as you stare at its grain that makes your heart fall for the piece of furniture its made from great pieces of indian redwood are carefully crafted into naturally flowing tables and chairs year upon year – as old is replaced by new in the forest

  • Indigo


    Indigo paint powder – image from wikipedia #cyw #indigo It’s a colour known for its position on the rainbow nestled between its brother , blue and its sister, violet definately making a statement on the home furnishings front in fabrics, curtains, sofas and carpets garments too – brought to life by this deep dark purply […]

  • Top

    #Fowc #top There’s a reason why they put this label on boxes Of course, you know why this is – so that when you open it Pieces of the puzzle (the table you bought) – don’t get lost

  • Burnt Sienna

    Salford, 15th September #CYW #BurntSienna I recall a leather chair the smell of it as I sat in it in the morning it’s sound as I got my back into its folds it squeaked – like a mouse looking for food Looking out beyond the glass in a warm seat looking out for snowmen beyond […]

  • Stumped!


    Salford 13th July 2017 Stump The powers that be planted big deciduous trees in the grounds of a locality so it would look nice for the men with money The local kids – loved it Playing games under the leaves and climbing up high on the branches getting a view of the boaters on the […]