Post Christmas Pressies

#Christmas #Hidden #Sweets 7th January 2019 I received an extra present yesterday. I’d been wandering what dad was going on about when he mentioned an extra present at the end of Christmas time I’d enjoyed seeing the brightly coloured baubles on the Christmas tree, especially the new larger ones. They were twinkly inside. I justContinue reading “Post Christmas Pressies”


ferried by box or by bag Usually on birthdays Delightful cubes of butter sugar and cream Get sent to the house Easily a delightful treat Fairs at Christmas time usually have stalls selling this delicious treat, and it’s not just cubes great shapes are made using cutters expect strawberry hearts, mint chocolate rounds and raspberryContinue reading “Fudge”

Fudge :)

I. Butter meets pan Sugar melts in butter Both held by cream   II Sweet little cubes settle down in the fridge but don’t set like jelly   III Chocolate, Cherry, Mint Lined up in rows alongside Vanilla Coconut – a favourite   IV cubes of sweetness transported to the tongue heading for hips  

A Tale of a Biscuit Tin

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready, Set, Done!.” In my room, on the top of a cupboard by my writing desk, lives a relatively old biscuit tin.  Its Metallic red in colour and has the main characters of the Winnie-the-Pooh stories on it. There’s Winnie-the-pooh (or as I like to call himContinue reading “A Tale of a Biscuit Tin”