Burnt Orange

When you entered the room Instantly, you turned the boys heads Like Desdemona had arrived Dynamic Heaven’s angel mixed with Hell’s fury Only time would decide what happened next Meeting up with old friends By the banks of the waterside Reality – you would be back at your post come morning Expectations – out ofContinue reading “Burnt Orange”


Another piece from Inky, in response to richa’s Freedom of Expression Challenge Crack open the party poppers, for its an Extra special day today Lots of people are coming to share in Excitement, in honour of somebody who’s having a really significant Birthday…. raise the roof and dance till you drop…. tell the celebrant howContinue reading “Celebration”


#octpowrimo #umbrella #acrostic #life #friends Monday, 15th October An acrostic by inky Problems occur like the morning rain Reality is, that’s what life has to throw at you Each little problem, obstacle or challenge Can topple you in an instant , however In case you need them … there are People who can help you,Continue reading “Umbrella”

Old Friends

Note from Inky: Cheers to https://serafinajayne.wordpress.com/2017/02/09/friendship/ for the prompt   You’ve been around for a bit going round in the same circles but passing each other without noticing   You shared everything from gobstoppers to pencil cases and spots on the high school bus   Your paths met a lifetime fork in the road asContinue reading “Old Friends”


Distant Salford, 4th June 2017   Days have passed in the air i hear the sounds of cheering someone is making the children smile tonight – we don’t forget – we carry on and remember and defy the eedjits who thought bringing tears to our streets would change things never forget – we’re the heartsContinue reading “Distant”


In response to the daily post discover challenge Connection Connection by Brian F Kirkham 3rd August 2016   When we were younger we played in the park communicating between trees through a piece of string   Walking hand in hand through the marigolds whispering sweet nothings as we picked daisies   Playing games Sharing laughsContinue reading “Connection”