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Salford (via Zakynthos) , 2019

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Notable that moment , you were caught

Unawares – towels adrift and

Dressing gown cast on the floor

Expressionist – on the beach – perhaps – but in the flat – shut the door!

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A Moment…

In response to the prompt :  If I Could Turn Back Time

I’m brought back to a Christmas Dance, or was it Valentine’s Day ?

Fifteen years old, and wet behind the ears….

A memory of a beautiful girl with Jet Black Hair, and a smile that would melt the frostiest of hearts.  I recall the briefest of dances, and a polished hall floor – and a pair of eyes that I could have fallen into, those pools were so deep.

Here’s Me – shuffling my feet in distraction, Her – Smiling at me in gentle reassurance. I could have sworn she just winked at me.  Her hand drifting softly into mine as we softly skipped across the wooden dance floor.  And then with a peck on the cheek – it was over.  We’d left the dance floor holding hands, but more as friends – not anything else.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda – comes to mind.  I tried to remedy the situation a year later – but by then we were heading down different paths…It raised a titter down college corridors.  So perhaps – If the clocks could be reversed – and I got that second chance,

what would I do ?

Ask her the question obviously….