fragrance Salford 25th July 2017   For centuries, the makers of perfume have made Romantic smells from the humble garden Animated – and captured with oils wine and water Girls grab their latest favourite – in an attempt to Reach out – without a step – to the lad of their dreams Attraction can beContinue reading “Fragrance”


Perfume A poem written by inkdrop for the daily post : Perfume Salford (via Heraklion) , 10th May 2017 Perhaps it was her eyes that first attracted me Everyone stopped – freeze frame as we met Reaction to that wonderful smile – unabashed, but From that day on, she seemed to be everywhere Unusually, iContinue reading “Perfume”


#coloryourworld #cyw #lavender #nature #poetry like most flowers, this plant has a most delightful aroma, which is released when you pass its light violet stalks. each stalk contains an individual note of delightful fragrance, leading to every butterfly in the garden returning to your flowers to gain another sniff