You’re only as young as you feel, they say

Of course, you get older each day

Unless of course, you apply

Those lotions, potions, perfumes and aftershaves

Holding on to the fountain of youth ? Hardly

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Greengate square, Salford

A response

For a short while – this monument was a signal to the neighbours

Outward looking – towards a 21st century city

Lighting up the night sky on the way to the metro centre

Looking at it now, you wonder why they put it where they did

Yes, it looks nice – Yes, you consider it art – but only traffic appreciates it

Art BASIC Learning Photography Water

Close up photography

Location : Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford, Lancashire

Date : 26th October 2016

Todays session of the photography group concentrated on Still life.

It also covered areas of using a zoom lens and tripod.


The above pic was created using a small water fountain, brought in by our marvellous tutor Maggie, a star tripod and my Sony Bridge Camera.

I particularly liked the running water and the shadows in this shot.


I also played around with a seashell using the mermaids backdrop for a covering background.  I like the details of the shells in this one.


The main task for setting up both of these shots was the set up behind the objects.  this shot shows the distance for some shots requiring the lighting.  In the end, I found perching myself at the short end of the table worked the best in both lighting and end result.DSC00541.JPG

Dolphin in the Mermaid pool – bubbles created with washing up liquid….

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Three coins in the Fountain

Three Coins in the Fountain

Salford, 7th June 2016


Three coins in a fountain, in a patch of green in a City in Europe

Three coins – thrown in at first light of a Mediterranean Morning

Three coins, shimmering under the blue water

Three coins, magnified in the wet

Three coins, small currency, change for a coffee

Three coins, they shine, One silver – two copper

Three coins, that made a little one smile

Three coins, for three little wishes

Three coins, that travelled quickly – high in the sky

Three coins, that splashed down to a marbled fountain bed

Garden Poetry

Still Resting

A silver medal winner on Allpoetry – A Tale of a Garden Fountain.

The centrepiece of the garden
Lies sleeping amongst
The creepers and weeds

Dreaming of a time
When she was adored
By men and women alike

The water in her pool
Drained away
Replaced by Neptunes blessing

And where little ones
Used to play in the sun
Coloured feathers bathe