Stalagmites and stalactites

The water moves on

Through the open mouth

Of the mountain cave

As the water drips

And occasionally drops

On the rocks it stops

Adrift from the rain

Now clinging to the rock

Dragons canines shine

Little creatures cling

To the old mighty dragon

Safety in numbers

As moonlight shines on

Each pearly white, the minerals

Hold on for dear life

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Down the road blown by the wind

rafts of snow travel quickly

in forms that move like starlings

forward and back, the snowflakes move

till the wind drops, and they land softly on the lawn


deftly floating it’s way out to sea

rickety branches travel across the water

in expectation they’ll

find their way through the salty sea

towards the sandy shore


Music Performance Pleasures Poetry




Right about now

in music classrooms in high schools up and down the land

four piece bands are being formed and

fret boards are taking a hammering

Repeated notes

in ordered formation

fill empty spaces on the musical page

forming a foundation to create something magical

Rythum and Blues follow guitar

in concert halls up and down the land

following the familiar formation

followed by the star playing the guitar strings

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Stalagmites and Stalactites

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Water moves, winding on

through the open mouth

of a mountain cave


Each drop makes its way

carving grooves in the roof

dropping gently on the floor


Lucky drops cascade down

transported to colourful rocks

at the waterfalls end


Those drops left behind

Cling to the rock

making dragons teeth shine


As moonlight falls on

these pearly whites – minerals

hold on for dear life