Tag: Forest

  • In the Air

    #Promptuarium #scouts #cubs #camping Down in the Forest the young’uns were having a whale of a time as flames wrapped around collected kindling and the billy can cooked up the latest supper while chef watched over the meat stewing songs were sung and skits performed and scouts, cubs and beavers kept warm by the roaring […]

  • Scorched

    #Fowc #Scorch They say summer’s brilliant, but Tell that to the trees – They’ve been reaching out to the god of thunder for just a Trace of moisture from the skies above Their roots already seeking out the last few drops of water The forest is parched – turning into a Tinderbox

  • Trails

    #socs #trails Finding a way out of the trees and back to your campsite is easy if you know how use of sticks, stones and leaves on the path to where you’re going to leaves you with an aide memoire for people wanting to follow you (It also assists, if you’re making your way back)

  • Rising Up

    Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge. Photo credit: Tanya Grant. The trees started off small Tiny compared to their parents The saplings sleeping in their bed of soil The animals that lived there Shared the spoils, feeding the tree while eating the fruit And slowly the trees headed for the sky and from the tops little […]

  • On the Hunt

    He’s off on the hunt again up and down known paths navigating the trees for summat tasty the cubs and his missus want feeding its why he’s on the edge of his territory next thing you know – he’ll be scouring the food bins – or picking off guinea fowl or geese by the riverbank

  • What lies beneath

    #writeclub #whatliesbeneath #napowrimo I In the Garden Guarded by Gnomes under the depths of your lawn flower bulbs lie sleeping awaiting the first rays of spring II A little bit deeper you’ll come across sand, soil and clay and perhaps some tesserae from a roman dwelling or villa Coins from a market , eating irons […]

  • Forest Walk

    #WDYS Its early morning It Might not be St. Tropez but it’s got its advantages holidaying in a forest setting sunlight peeking through the trees looking out for birds and squirrels and all before returning to the comforts of a log cabin – where little un will draw what she’s seen

  • Wild strawberry

    Wild strawberry

    #cyw #wildstrawberry You couldn’t call them cultivated – or even cultured growing wild among the grasses berries as sweet as their cultured cousins but grown up in the wind and the rain out in the meadows and forests no polytunnels here but just as red and just as tasty, with a dollop of cream

  • Hut


    #Socs #Hut Located in the forest Among tall scots pine, larch and cedar made from fallen comrades A studier shelter than your average canvas set by the waters, just by the bank wind and rain doesn’t blow this one around Bed for the night with a view of the stars occasional wild birds saying hello

  • Tropical Rain Forest

    Tropical Rain Forest

    #CYW #Tropicalrainforest To humans living by the rainforest – a treasure for market to sell Inhabitants there think differently under leaves a place they call home Tree frogs and reptiles Live up in the leafy mass looking for a meal Birds rest their small claws before flying into blue heading for tiddlers