Animals Nature Poetry

On the Hunt

Image c/o Pobble365

He’s off on the hunt again

up and down known paths

navigating the trees for summat tasty

the cubs and his missus want feeding

its why he’s on the edge of his territory

next thing you know – he’ll be scouring the food bins – or picking off

guinea fowl or geese by the riverbank


What lies beneath

#writeclub #whatliesbeneath #napowrimo

what lies beneath….


In the Garden

Guarded by Gnomes

under the depths of your lawn

flower bulbs lie sleeping

awaiting the first rays of spring


A little bit deeper

you’ll come across sand, soil and clay

and perhaps some tesserae

from a roman dwelling or villa

Coins from a market , eating irons or

an Arrow head or two


Beyond the Roman ?

the dinosaurs sleep

dreaming of playing on the forest plains

and enjoying the freshest produce for lunch

Fish and chips the size of a mountain

when you consider the size of the fish….


Forest Walk


Its early morning

It Might not be St. Tropez

but it’s got its advantages

holidaying in a forest setting

sunlight peeking through the trees

looking out for birds and squirrels

and all before returning to the comforts

of a log cabin – where little un will draw what she’s seen

Food Fruit Garden

Wild strawberry

#cyw #wildstrawberry


You couldn’t call them cultivated – or even cultured

growing wild among the grasses

berries as sweet as their cultured cousins

but grown up in the wind and the rain

out in the meadows and forests

no polytunnels here

but just as red and just as tasty,

with a dollop of cream

Outdoors Poetry


#Socs #Hut

Located in the forest

Among tall scots pine, larch and cedar

made from fallen comrades

A studier shelter than your average canvas

set by the waters, just by the bank

wind and rain doesn’t blow this one around

Bed for the night

with a view of the stars

occasional wild birds saying hello


Tropical Rain Forest

#CYW #Tropicalrainforest

To humans living

by the rainforest – a treasure

for market to sell

Inhabitants there

think differently under leaves

a place they call home

Tree frogs and reptiles

Live up in the leafy mass

looking for a meal

Birds rest their small claws

before flying into blue

heading for tiddlers

Character Christmas Poetry

The Lancashire Elf

The Lancashire Elf

A Christmas Tale for readers of the Inkwell

Happy Christmas Everybody! Inky.

An Elf

Up there in Lapland,
where its Christmas all day
a strange kind of elf,
has decided to play

Santa’s perplexed, as he’s really quite tall
but the other elves round him are having a ball!
When reaching up high, they call for his aid,
and putting toys on high shelves, he’s made the grade

He’s good for woodturning and chopping down wood
and making new toys ? He’s really quite good.
foreman found him in th’forest – and he said he’s for hire
– he comes from a forest – called “Lanky – Shire”

The other elves love him, they think that he’s grand
as their big pal “lanky” gives everyone a hand
and its not just toymaking skills that he’s got
he’s cooking up dinner – he calls it “Hotpot”

And come Christmas eve when the elves they do pack,
“lanky” is there to fill Santa Claus’s sack
This great big elf, makes every kid smile
as he helps dear old Santa go the extra mile



Mahogany (Redwood)

Maybe its the deep red colour

as you stare at its grain that makes your

heart fall for the piece

of furniture its made from

great pieces of indian redwood

are carefully crafted into

naturally flowing tables and chairs

year upon year – as old is replaced by new in the forest

Acrostic Holidays Nature Travel


#fowc #cabin

14th March 2020

Carefully crafted, from trees that now surround it

a place to get away from the strains of modern life

blessed with a wonderful view of the lakes and streams

in sight of nearby provisions, a short ride away

not forgetting some wonderful animals

Nature Poetry

The Grove

#Promptuarium #Hauntedgrove

Haunted forest ?

a likely story !

up till now – she’d believed the tales her brother told her

not realising ,

the creatures in their homes in the trees were

even more frightened of her – and in the

dark – it was just the forest creatures looking out