My mind was focused on two large pine cones

engaged in a race under an iron bridge

determined to reach the other side

in order

to beat the other to the bank

a force of nature willing them on

to reach the end before their friend

if you were wondering who won

of course – it was neither – it was the squirrels

now nibbling on them at the end of the bank

Acrostic Poetry Science


#fowc #momentum

Movement of an object

Often kept moving

Mostly by its mass in

Expectation – it will get to where it

Needs to go – as the object

Turns it keeps on turning

Until the thing that keeps it

Moving is stopped by a greater force

Acrostic Poetry Science



Maybe its the pull that draws people to you

An ability to bring everybody close

Got to admit – it’s quite a trick, as

Nuts and Bolts clamber over one another,

Excited and clinging , just

To be near your irresistible force