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  • Desertion at Breakfast

    A relation of Humpty dumpty Lies soul less on the plate His remains will soon be headed Down the bin or nearest grate His guard detail, was a little poor Soldiers round him …. three or four But though in number, they gained a tan As part of the big egg disposal plan Encircled round […]

  • Lessons with a Lightbox

    Lessons with a Lightbox

    On Wednesday, I took part in BASICs Photography Class, where we learned about creating still life’s using some basic items and a light box, which we were also shown how to make Using Fruits and leaves, provided by our marvellous tutor, Maggie – I managed to create some great patterns –  The fruit board and […]

  • The Melting pot

    Pulled out and dusted down from my archive, a tale of a little Turkish café, me and my family visited on a previous visit to Turkey, this occasion was the coastal town of Side, near to Antalya. Enjoy the read! There’s a place on the corner Where the people all meet And the hosts are […]

  • Formation


    Oh Happy and Humble tomato! In your youth you joined the ranks of the horticultural army labouring on your leaves in the summer sun Rewards a plenty as the best recruits are picked for display in a culinary tattoo in a Salad or Pasta dish Numbers in your ranks depleted but new recruits appear ready for […]

  • Pasta


    Pasta By Brian F Kirkham #Foodforthesoul   Prepared by the finest hands Allied with flavours of the region Succent Tomatoes, mix with the finest herbs and mozzarella To create a sensation fit for any Italian town And Ham, Salami and Olives enhance the taste

  • Bakewell

    Brought to the fore by that Derbyshire town Almonds in abundance in that wonderful spongey tart Kept in the bakers front window Everyone appreciates its fullsome flavour When its brought out at afternoon tea Each slice full of almonds and Lashings of raspberry jam and topped with a Layer of tasty icing