Tag: Food

  • Street Food

    #food Sourced from places a little further than your local Mac D’s There’s specials from Italy, China, and Thailand Rolling out of a spot of your high street today Everyone enjoying the Exquisite and tasty treats Tossed together in a sauce and served in a wrap or a bun or Sometimes with noodles in a […]

  • Tasty

    There’s something special about a chinese barbecue something in the way the various spices in the sauce cling onto the pork, chicken, beef or fish yet you can pickup each one on the tip of your tongue

  • List


    Dad’s been checking the cupboards the fridge and freezer too Soon he’ll be driving the road down – the one that leads into town See the cupboards need refilling with fish and meat and soups as well as other tinned favourites like Beans with Sausage and Spaghetti hoops And Soap and Shampoo need a buying […]

  • Jubilee

    #Queen #Jubilee #Celebration They’re putting up the bunting sandwiches cut and filled creating some special creations serving fruit drinks nice and chilled and they’re doing this in celebration for the monarch’s anniversary day and after scoffing the tasty picnic out in the gardens they’ll play as music and performance are played in the park and […]

  • Angel Food Cake

    #Food #Napowrimo A combination of lovely ingredients not as heavy as other cakes so it’ll get easier on your tum after dinner egg whites with sugar ensure a light and fluffy sponge – nice to eat with strawberries

  • Cadence

    #Napowrimo #writeclub Listen…. can you hear it? as the morning sun pops its head above the horizon the rise and fall of the musical local wildlife discussing the day can be heard in every green space in the land news of the morning new chicks in the nest meaning more than one food stop for […]

  • Lemon Meringue Pie

    #Napowrimo #Food #Character I when i was made i promised a lot zesty , light and zingy fresh tasting lemon cloudlike meringue and a buttery biscuit base II Each spoonful supposedly taking you off to the greens of the med where my fruit grew and blue skies shone III Initial reactions – Brilliant till about […]

  • Chocolate Dreams

    Chocolate Dreams

    #writeclub #chocolate #dreams Crafty little easter bunnies having had us give up the sweet stuff over 8 weeks of spring carry their baskets of candied heaven out amongst the town leaving special treats for the kiddies (and their mums and dads) in the house or garden toffees and bonbons to make anyone smile, inside eggs […]

  • Mashed Potato

    #Syntax #Poetryclub #Food #Potato #Mash Here you go – You’ve been waiting for that time when the bubbles around the spuds disappear The water goes diving, Normally the spuds would be heading for the oven but not today Numbers of spuds become a single thing with the help of the masher and a bit of […]

  • Standard

    #fowc #standard Raise the standard comes the call when i was little it meant a flag but now its a symbol or a sign to cooks and chefs, one and all to improve ingredients in their bag so empty plates they are returned and stuff on plates are ate with wine instead of being thrown […]