Descent into the Mist

#MLMM Photo credit: Luca Nardone on They had had their fun carving tracks down hill it was time to return – that was then until the skiers had noticed they were there on their own even though the chairlift was filled up till it groaned had their sports pals decided to down some more …

Enjoying the chaos

#MLMM Image C/o While the storms are heading for the city walls and the fog’s creeping in you’re oblivious to it all, watching visual anaesthesia on your devices of fun walking past the chaos and destruction enjoying the feast of fun provided by your masters


Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on #MLMM Up among the gods, those on the top floor could consider themselves lucky for while below, the people on the ground couldn’t see much through the blanket of fallen cloud those above it had a much clearer view with the marshmallow fog below the bluest of sky

Caught (in the fog)

Salford, 19th January 2020 #weather #fog Christmas and New Year is over, but winters still here A patchwork of heavy cloud, lies low – hiding church spires Until it lifts – it’s difficult to get anywhere Gravitating over roads and field alike Hard to make out the silhouettes in the Pea Soup The landmarks fizzle …