Nature Poetry


#Fowc #Rapid

Running quickly through two rocky cliffs

carving out minerals as they go

water foaming while turning and tumbling

while adventure seekers in their boat

get splashed about – as it hops

and jumps – over the white foam

Acrostic Freedom of Expression


#fowc #bubble

Bath times they appear

up from the water churned up by the tap

bathroom ducks smiling as they

bobble up and down on the foamy bubbles

looking at one – is like looking at a rainbow on the water

except , unlike a rainbow – these disappear – far too soon

Memories Places Poetry Water




Take a day, any day

And a place, any place

Now take a time, any time

and capture it

Freeze frame

in your memory

That was the day you ate that Sandwich at the quayside cafe

and saw brave souls in Frogsuits dive headlong in the eerie

deep waters of a Salford Canal Basin

They travelled so quickly

Foam rose in the waters

and Canoe based Marshals

Bobbed around in Man-made waves