Pink Carnation

#CYW #Carnation-Pink Popping up around the spring its the kind of flower that likes a party noted for its use as a buttonhole flower keeping up appearances at family occasions Curves more wiggly than your average rose rows upon rows keep each other standing up, not falling over at the nearest breath of wind. theyContinue reading “Pink Carnation”

Color Red

A selection of stuff, taken by me during photography classes submitted for Cees Fun Foto Challenge Starting from the top, the Man Utd bee (1 and 2) – still buzzing around Old Trafford, Manchester as part of #Beeinthecity . next the tin soldier (3), an old tin box i kept cookies in. Red Bowl withContinue reading “Color Red”

Things with the letter C

In response to Starting off with a Colourful one, taken at a session of the photography group Basic Clicks – Six Colourful Carrots on Blue Canvas! here’s a couple of interesting Cutlery pieces – the first is of four forks against a wall,  – i liked the shadows created in this pic. Combination of ideasContinue reading “Things with the letter C”

Jazzberry Jam

Salford, 14th April A tale of #flowers and #jazzberryjam for the #coloryourworld challenge.   Colour of the Garden Hibiscus it’s making a bit of a noise but for fans of this wonderful flower its a noise they all enjoy attracting the birds and the butterflies raising with visitors a smile who will spend some timeContinue reading “Jazzberry Jam”

Pink Carnation

#Coloryourworld #cyw #pinkcarnation #acrostic #pinks #flower 11th April 2017 Could it be A reason why I never can forget you Real beauty – enveloped in a dress the colour of that flower Never forgotten that spring night after An attempt to grab your attention Tomorrow, they say – is another day, but I can’t getContinue reading “Pink Carnation”