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  • Seasons First

    #WDYS Kitten watched the stalk of green in the courtyard travelling towards the sky tickling his little paws as he engages the plant counting the number of leaves appearing on the stalk

  • Poisonous Plants

    Poisonous Plants

    #writephoto #nature #plants #poison Poisonous Plants – Image by KL Caley Positioned where they are in the garden, perhaps its best leaving them where they are… pretty colours often a sign to the present wildlife – to stay away, of course – the pesky bees and wasps are welcome pollen needs to be spread – […]

  • flutter


    #fowc #flutter For a short while – the humble butterfly leaps and lands on the colourful flowers until its time to rest the tiny little eggs it leaves on the leaves of green will eventually turn into caterpillars who will return like their mum and dad to continue all over again

  • Royal Purple

    Royal prince of the flowerbeds, is what they’d call you (if they could) everyone attracted to your deep purple shades greenery frames you perfectly attracting the butterflies as well as the Lords and ladies, who seek you out in the grounds

  • Pizzazz

    Something to brighten up the borders of your garden as the leaves on the trees start to roll around in the autumn wind the gardeners call it pink, the flower buffs call it purple of course, while it’s still in flower – nobody minds what shade it is – it still looks lovely by the […]

  • Periwinkle

    #CYW #Periwinkle Dancing around in the lightest of breezes bringing a spot of colour to parks and gardens before the frost comes in the ground you sit in determines your colour sometimes you’re pink, sometimes you’re purple but most of the time you’re as blue as the sky above you and you shore up your […]

  • Outrageous Orange

    If anyone saw your recklessness bounding from flower to flower pinching the finest nectar from each one I’m pretty sure – they’d be shocked no wonder the bees are fed up but people see your pale orange wings and just smile not knowing you’ve just done a heist in the garden

  • Lavender

    Salford, 28th April 2020 #CYW #Lavender Located in a part of the garden a plant that’ll go rampant if you let it very nice smell – its natural oil each stem full of fragrance ready to be crushed notably used in perfumes deodorant ? not so much everyone seems to like its colours though ranging […]

  • Cornflower

    #CYW #Cornflower colourful flowers crowded on the corner cared for by the colourful yellow insect collecting copious cups of nectar checking each and every petal to create honey from the cornflowers, back in the hive

  • Pink Carnation

    Pink Carnation

    #CYW #Carnation-Pink Popping up around the spring its the kind of flower that likes a party noted for its use as a buttonhole flower keeping up appearances at family occasions Curves more wiggly than your average rose rows upon rows keep each other standing up, not falling over at the nearest breath of wind. they […]