Fifth of November, is the day remembered, When royalists decided to have an exciting time under the palace of westminster of course, their plan went really wrong, as they were caught by men with keys to the cellar – where the gunpowder was kept so instead of the palace burning – the royalists lost theirContinue reading “Fireworks”


Salford, Thursday 24th October 2019 They’d spent days planning this sourcing the location and the straw to build their balefire The structure they said would have to be sound for the safety of little uns watching around so they stacked up the straw and waited for dawn before setting alight the straw and the thornContinue reading “Balefire”

Ascending II

Manchester (Via Rhodes) , 5th November 2018 As the fire took hold of the wood I watched magical trails rise high in the air Releasing colourful patterns in the sky Rhodes ancient buildings painted Over by Beautiful light Created by Ignition – rising over walls and Keep of the old city , bringing smiles toContinue reading “Ascending II”

Pro’s and Con’s of a Beta Tester

Salford , 4th November 2016 Guido (or Guy) Fawkes was the man who came up with the idea to blow up parliament during the English civil war. Its rumoured he hung out at the medieval hall of the Radclyffe family, Ordsall Hall in Salford, whilst hiding from the Lord protector and his men. He was caughtContinue reading “Pro’s and Con’s of a Beta Tester”

Seeing in New Year

The scene may say 2012 – it’s a Carbon copy of the garden this Christmas season In response to the prompt Stroke of Midnight Midnight – the last few seconds of 2015 and the  first few seconds of 2016 found me stood outside the front door of the family Lancastrian terrace. I’d skipped out theContinue reading “Seeing in New Year”

Christmas is Here! (one month early)

Yes boys and girls, you heard it here first. Forget the fact you can hear fireworks cascading out of your windows. Forget its the time for remembering Gunpowder, Treason and Plot Scratch all that – Santa Claus is coming! (Have you got your lists in yet kids ?) I’m saying this with a very heavyContinue reading “Christmas is Here! (one month early)”


With Guy Fawkes Night approaching – A Tale of Fireworks Golden Fireworks over Manchester Town Hall Flying towards the night sky In celebration Rapid maroons, rise in the air Exploding in delightful colourful displays Wiry tracers disperse in pretty pattern Over the heads of wide eyed children Rumbles of the rainbows exploding overhead Keep theContinue reading “Fireworks”