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bursting colour out into the night sky

revellers watching the sight as the bells chime

it’s almost time for old father time to switch with his younger brother

launching a whole new year

light show of exploding sparkle

it’s like someone’s brightened up the darkness

and people are partying under it as the new year arrives

note the whooshing of the rockets and

the sound of the crowd as they travel towards the moon



#Guyfawkes #Bonfirenight

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For many ,

If someone planned to

Raise their home to the ground –


Wouldn’t be to celebrate with Toffee apples or Parkin

Of course when Guido’s night comes about

Reactions aren’t about his attempt to

Kill those in the houses of parliament more the

Silver and Golden trails that rise up to the sky


New Years Day

They celebrated a new decade with a bit of a bang

in the air rose the golden streamers

new year arriving as they lit up the midnight sky

sensational colours illuminating the city

everyone watching as the clock sounded and they

lit up the sky as colourful as a Christmas tree



Manchester, Fireworks Night

Fifth of November,

is the day remembered, When

royalists decided to have an

exciting time under the palace of


of course, their plan went

really wrong, as they were caught by men with

keys to the cellar – where the gunpowder was kept

so instead of the palace burning – the royalists lost their heads!



Salford, Thursday 24th October 2019

They’d spent days planning this

sourcing the location

and the straw to build

their balefire

The structure they said

would have to be sound

for the safety of little uns

watching around

so they stacked up the straw

and waited for dawn

before setting alight

the straw and the thorn

And whilst straw burned away

things glowed in the air

as rockets and whistlers

lit up the fair

Greece Holidays Poetry

Ascending II

Manchester (Via Rhodes) , 5th November 2018

As the fire took hold of the wood

I watched magical trails rise high in the air

Releasing colourful patterns in the sky

Rhodes ancient buildings painted

Over by Beautiful light

Created by Ignition – rising over walls and

Keep of the old city , bringing smiles to

Excited children and adults alike

Taking vacations on the island

Acrostic Poetry


Firing high, towards the stars

is that pocket rocket, we know as stella

rising from her ignition point, she leaves glittery

entrails as she

works her way through the darkened sky

onlookers, smile as she paints the blackness with

really bright stars

kreativ ?  most definately

Acrostic Fireworks



Take care, all, and stand well back

As the organiser lights the long fuse on the fireworks

Perhaps its inevitable to

Expect sparks, that’s why he lit the fuse so far away

Reactions from the crowds, amazed as the display rises up and cascades in the air

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Scorched Earth…


A poem by Inkdropk in response to the prompt


The park grass in Greater Manchester looked a little different

November 6th 2016

The morning after the night before

when children watched with awe

at the colourful spectacle

appearing in front of enlightened eyes

The air laced with the smell of Gunpowder

Guido Fawkes’ ghost smiling away

Cinders of wood sit in  circles

where warming flames once stood

there’s now stillness, smoke and silence

in the early hours of a cold winters day

as dampened embers force out

The last traces of the bonfires life

a large black and silvery circle

set in a sea of green


Pro’s and Con’s of a Beta Tester

Salford , 4th November 2016

Guido (or Guy) Fawkes was the man who came up with the idea to blow up parliament during the English civil war.

Its rumoured he hung out at the medieval hall of the Radclyffe family, Ordsall Hall in Salford, whilst hiding from the Lord protector and his men.

He was caught and executed, but his deeds are remembered every 5th November

You’re probably wondering why i’m bring this up at 0030 hours GMT


Its quite simple – Microsoft decided two hours ago to plant their latest release of Windows 10 on my hard drive….Fireworks of a technological kind.

What the latest build brings to the party is at present – anybody’s guess – I’m sure there will be new features.. but will they have fixed any of the faults reported by me and my fellow users…??? its amusing how this process ran 24 hrs in succession

I sought solace in a new build for wordpress 🙂 and a 3D paint app that was being trialled.

Adobe and Corel’s posts to my hard drive will now surely follow in the next few days.