#Napowrimo #day16 #dentist #filling a Rendezvous with the local dentistry led to some major works Scrape clean and Polish the very least of my woes One filling out – one in Something delivered to ease any sort of pain they call Novacaine Screeching excavation filled in with minty cement hardened with bright light Old Pearly …


Salford, 27th July 2020 Winter warmer ? fills the tum at any time of year bringing a glow of contentment with every loving spoonful tasty treat at any time of day perfect with honey, cinnamon, or even chocolate keeps your “inner bear” happy and brings a glow from your nose to your toes


#Poetry #Countryside #Character #Acrostic A acrostic poem from my allpoetry profile – enjoy Sat in the middle of the field Carefully watching the seeds grow A happy scarecrow Regularly looks out for his owners crops Each day he’s there – fooling the birds as his owner Collects wheat and barley in Rows around him – …

Banana butties 🥪

Salford, 4th April 2018 built of sterner stuff than your average elevenses a wonderous mix of fruity goodness nautically navigated via big boats and delivered to supermarket shelves and next, layered tween two slices of buttered bread an absolute delight, with your afternoon beverage