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Salford, 3rd April 2020

Take a germ of an idea

give it identity

a place to live

a routine, neighbours, friends

add other characters into the mix

allow actions to take place

interaction, work, sport and even – a social life

What happens next ? – that’s down to you

Your hand on the tiller of the ship of the character

Flight of Fancy ? Perhaps…..

That’s writing, that’s Fiction

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The Glass

The Glass
Water in Glass

The world belongs, to those who look at the glass and say: What’s up with this Glass? Excuse me? Excuse me ? This is my glass ? I don’t think so.  My Glass was full!  And it was a bigger glass!

Words from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Novel : The Truth

Picture by Inkdropk – taken at BASICs photography workshop, Salford.

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Ninth Wonder


The Lake District, Cumbria


Being the way I’ve been brought up – the stories of how the wonders of the world ended up where they are can either be treated as faith fact or fiction

I studied (for interest) geology at sixth-form briefly before I came to my senses and joined up for technology classes instead.  But I still have an appreciation for all things natural.

Maybe it’s the old scout in me.

Thing is – if you believe the scientists tale – The British Isles are two bits of land that broke off from its European sister when their mother, Pangea was cracking up.

I’d honestly like the tale formed by the creation story – where the various islands around the world were bits added by the creator (take your pick) to make it look pretty.

He let mother nature loose with the clay and she formed hills mountains and valleys – and it was so beautiful, the angels cried with joy, and made lakes in the crevices where the hills and valleys met.

and that’s how North-west England supposedly was given the Lake district.

The pic?  One of the lakes south of Penrith (Buttermere ? could be Coniston).  I’ve been camping by there with the Scout association in a place called Long-Marton, close to the town of Appleby-in-Westmoreland.  I’ve returned many times since, either camping or staying in a holiday park nearby Appleby in a place called Lowther.


What i’m reading….

Hi Folks.

This bit of the blog is going to be an on off review section.  Because , believe it or not – I actually like reading books as much as I like writing stuff

Think of this page as not exactly Jonathan Ross but not Michael Parkinson either…

In Paperback

I’ve currently gone back to two books I read in preparation for IWM North’s Book Exhibit – Once upon a Wartime

The first the Machine Gunners by Robert Westall – is set in World War II and tells the tale of a group of war souvenir hunters, who’s unofficial leader stumbles across a German Bomber crashed in the nearby woods – with the Machine Gun still intact…

“Some bright kid’s got a gun and 2000 rounds of live ammo…”

A brilliant tale unfolds as the lad and his mates set out to aid the forces with dangerous and unexpected results.

The second War Horse by Michael Morpurgo – set at the outbreak of world war I , tells the tale of a young horse Joey, who is sold to the cavalry and sent to France, and Albert – his owner who goes to the battlefields of France in a mission to bring Joey back

Its a surprising tale – told by the horse itself and brings to life what happened to the animals sent to the front during warfare.

The book itself has been turned into a Theatre play and a Film by the film producer Steven Spielburg – well worth a read.